The Source of Packaging Color Creation and Its Implications

[Abstract] This paper analyzes the close relationship between color revelation and packaging color creation, and lists various sources and ways of obtaining color creation inspiration. Explained the important role of packaging color in the market sales.

Keywords: packaging color design; creative inspiration; source and revelation

As a design language, color has profound and extensive implications in the field of packaging design. It is more visual than composition, styling, and font texture: medium attack power, infectious power, and more abstract character traits. Therefore, color is an important element of commodity packaging, and it is also the soul of sales packaging.

The creative concept of packaging colors is usually not open, and the inspiration of color design is often ignited by revelations. Revelation brought about the desire for creation: middle movement. What is revelation? From a psychological point of view, revelation is to find ways to answer questions from other things. This kind of revelation can work because the prototype of things has something in common with or similar to what they want to create. Through association, new methods of solving problems have emerged. Anything can have an enlightening effect on your creation. Natural phenomena, literary descriptions, religions, literature, philosophy, music, and poetry are used to directly and indirectly praise color, praise the beauty of color and the philosophical role of color. All may serve as a source of revelation. It is said that in ancient China, the skilled craftsman Lu Ban was inspired by the cutting of silk grass and broke the hand, thus inventing the saw; Watt was inspired by the phenomenon that the kettle steam could open the lid of the kettle, thus inventing the steam engine; The revelation of Kung-sun's sword dance is self-contained.

1 Inspiration from light and color

Color, as a human visual perception of the objective world, forms information through the human visual organs and enables people to recognize it. It can be said that vision is the beginning of human understanding of the world; it is a necessary condition for people to perceive color, and color comes from light. So: Light is the source of color, and color is the performance of light."

The British scientist Newton discovered in 1666 that after refracting sunlight through a prism and projecting it onto a white screen, a spectrum of beautifully colored bands of light like red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and violet colors will appear. This is because sunlight contains different wavelengths of radiant energy. When they separately stimulate the eyes, they produce different shades of light. When they mix together and stimulate our eyes simultaneously, they are white and do not feel their own color. . However, when white light passes through the triangular prism, the refractive index at different wavelengths is different, and the positions of the projections on the screen after refraction are also different. Therefore, a white light is decomposed into the above-mentioned seven different colors by the prism, and this phenomenon is called dispersion. People's color perception information transmission channels are light sources, color objects, eyes and brains, which are the four major elements of people's color perception. These four elements not only give people a sense of color, but they are also conditions for people to correctly judge color. Among these four elements, if there is an inaccurate or observational change, the effect of color and color cannot be correctly judged."

The radiant energy of the light source and the reflection of the object belong to the category of physics, but the brain and the eye are the contents of physiology research, but the color is always based on physics, and the color sense always contains the psychological and physiological effects of color. Reflect, make people produce a series of contrast and association.

2 Inspiration from color character and association

Various colors are associated with human physiological and psychological experiences, as if with a complex character. Understand the character characteristics and psychological association of colors, and have important implications for the design and creation of packaging colors

1) Red. The longest red wavelength, strong penetration, and high perception. Reminiscent of the sun, flames, blood, flowers, etc., feeling warm, excited, lively, enthusiastic, positive, loyal, healthy, full, full, happy and other tendencies, red has always been our country's traditional festive colors. But it is also considered a symbol of primitive, violent, and dangerous.

2) Orange. The orange wavelength is second only to red, so it also has the characteristic of long wavelengths, which accelerates the pulse and has a feeling of temperature rise. Orange is a very lively splendid color. It is the warmest color in the warm color system. It reminds people of the golden autumn, fruitful, sweet and sour taste, a rich, happy and happy color.

3) Yellow. With a light, bright, transparent, lively, brilliant, hope, health and other personalities. Yellow has a golden glow and therefore symbolizes wealth and rights. It is the color of pride. The black or purple background can make yellow reach the strength of unlimited expansion. Because yellow is easily reminiscent of the skin of many fruits, it can cause an acidic appetite. However, there are also some disadvantages such as lightness, instability, and uncertainty.

4) Green. In nature, except for the sky, rivers, oceans and greens, which occupy the largest area, grass and leaf plants are almost everywhere. It symbolizes life, youth, peace, tranquility, and freshness. Green is most suitable for the eyes of the human eye, and it has the function of eliminating fatigue and regulating. The yellow-green gives people the breath of spring and is very popular with people. Blue-green and dark-green are the colors of oceans and forests. They have far-reaching, steady, calm and intelligent associations.

5) Blue. Blue is a vast color, and the vastest scenery such as the sky and the sea are all blue, and the deep blue will remind people of innocent universe or flowing atmosphere. Therefore, blue is also an eternal symbol. Blue is the coolest color that reminds people of blue projections on glaciers. Represents a calm, rational and pure. Expressing the meaning of being calm, cold, rational, profound, and transparent, with the continuous development of human space, it has a strong sense of modernity that symbolizes high technology. Of course, blue also has its other character, such as stereotype, indifference, etc."

6) Purple. The shortest wavelength, noble, beautiful, solemn, luxurious temperament, and sometimes also lonely, negative. Especially the darker or darker gray purple is easy to give people the impression of ominous, decadent and dead. However, the light gray red-purple or blue-purple color has an elegant and mysterious sense of time similar to that of space and the universe, and is widely used in modern life.

7) Black and white Black and white are the final abstractions of color, representing the cathode and anode of the color world. The Tai Chi pattern is a circular form of black and white to represent the eternal movement of the universe. The abstract expressiveness and mystery of black and white seem to go beyond the depth of any color. Black and white are extreme opposites, but sometimes we feel that there is an unpredictable commonality between them. Both white and black can express fear and sorrow for death. Both have unsurpassable illusion and infinite spirit. Black and white always show their own strength in the presence of each other. They seem to dominate the entire color world.

8) Gray. It is a neutral color. Its prominent character is soft, meticulous, smooth, plain, and generous. It does not significantly affect other colors like black and white. Therefore, the color is ideal as a background. Any color can be mixed with the gray, slightly luster containing gray can give people an elegant, delicate, subtle, stable, refined, civilized and literate sense of high-grade. Of course, the abuse of gray is also easy to expose its boring, lonely, melancholy, no passion, no interest side.

9) In addition to the precious metal colors such as gold, silver, and gold, all the colors are glossy, and they have gorgeous features. Golden grandeur, symbolizes prosperity and honor, honorable loyalty; silver elegant noble, symbolic purity, faith, milder than gold. They work with other colors. Almost reached the "universal" level. A small area of ​​embellishment is eye-catching and refreshing, and the use of a large area will produce excessively dazzling and negative effects, appearing to be flashy and losing its sense of stability. If clever use, not only can play a finishing touch, but also produce a strong sense of modern high-tech beauty. Inspired by nature

(to be continued)

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