Roland 900 Offset Offset (2)

Now, many offset printer manufacturers recalled the trial of direct printing of corrugated cardboard with offset presses at the time and felt that it was also feasible. Mainly because of the light pressure of offset printing. Suitable for printing corrugated cardboard. Surprisingly, a few years ago it was retested to directly print corrugated cardboard with an offset press and immediately succeeded.
In fact, the production of corrugated board requires a huge amount of money for technical development to truly match the process, equipment, and materials in the corrugated board printing process. If it was originally intended to reduce the effect of the washboard and to use a thicker cover for greater compression, then from an economic point of view, the focus of direct offset printing development on corrugated board should be aimed at fine corrugated cardboard.
For a printing expert, to produce any packaged print, all the advantages of all printing methods should be purposely used in order to achieve the best quality and effect.
Cardboard and corrugated board manufacturers have been able to meet the high demands of the market and have been able to supply a wide range of different sizes of cardboard, such as: noodle board for folding cartons, heavy-duty board with a thickness of 1.4-1.7mm, and N-type and G-type corrugated cardboard Now there is F-type corrugated cardboard.
Growth in the direct printing market for corrugated cardboard The current enthusiasm for direct printing of corrugated board using offset presses is not a temporary one, nor is it an innovative experiment at the expense of developing new technologies, but global packaging and printing companies are accepting this technology. In 1999 and 2000 alone, 25 projects were completed using a Roland 900 offset press.
40% of companies installing Roland 900 offset press are related to the following production:
1, the production of corrugated cardboard, the previous use of flexo printing directly printed corrugated boxes.
2. Printed corrugated cardboard, self-produced corrugated cardboard for direct offset printing.
60% of the companies installing Roland 900 offset press are related to the following production:
1. Printing production of folding cartons (boxes) and decorations, and die-cutting, gluing boxes (paste).
2. For corrugated box printing production as a middleman's packaging plant.
In these investments, the arguments and wishes of customers are of concern because it determines how the market in this area should develop:
1. Considering the transportation problem, the packaging material should be highly flexible (from wrapping paper to corrugated cardboard)
2. In order to reduce the packaging cost, online printing production methods are adopted.
3. Expect higher color and appearance (becoming a favorable purchase condition).
4. As the law stipulates that secondary packaging should be reduced, the requirements for packaging (including storage and transportation packaging) are increased from the aspects of product information provision and modeling.
5. The effect of solid paper board price rises on paper raw materials cannot be ignored.
Replacing flexo printing With the development of offset printing direct corrugated board technology, it seems no doubt that it has replaced flexo printing in some areas of corrugated box printing. However, direct offset corrugated cardboard also needs to be supplemented with new technologies and printed directly on corrugated cardboard. Compared with flexo printing, offset printing has the following advantages:
1, the printing quality is high.
2, printing costs are low.
3, the installation of machine time is short.
Compared with the processing method of printing offset paper with an offset printing press and then aligning with corrugated cardboard, direct offset printing of corrugated cardboard has the following advantages:
1, eliminating the need for confrontation fees.
2. The shortest print processing time - no additional work process required.
3, less paper plus volume. (To be continued)

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