Heimou urban leisure bag blowing city fashion Xin style of natural wind

Located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, Xiamen Heimou Garments Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 by a Sino-US joint venture company. It is a modernized fashion-oriented women's clothing brand which is dominated by bags. It also integrates design, production and sales Brand marketing-oriented enterprises. Heimou products and concepts follow a fresh, beautiful, simple, natural style; at the same time introduce more fashion elements to attract women with heart of the nutmeg, continue to create a fairy tale full of dreams for them, so that they become a modern city Beautiful landscape.


Heimou urban leisure bag inspired by the famous Chinese poet "Haizi" verse: "facing the sea, spring." She was brave in the pursuit and creation of things, forge ahead, and constantly improve and surpass self-life advocate of life, into full of youth Vitality and passion of life in product design, in order to reflect the modern people love life, love the environment and independence and freedom, positive, healthy and optimistic attitude to life.
Heimou is an ancillary apparel system. Its main products include casual cloth bags, fashion bags, suitcases, shopping bags and wallets, as well as matching products with the same style of clothing and accessories (such as hats, scarves, gloves) and other targeted products Group of 23-35 years old young fashion women. Hemou focuses on original design, advocating the system of nature, fashion and culture. It uses the natural materials such as cotton, hemp and other modern materials and the design concept of modern fashion. It is deeply attracted by its romantic, fashionable, natural, random and rich product features. The majority of urban young fashion women, leading the Chinese market, the trend of consumption of casual cloth.

黑眸城市休闲包 都市里吹起时尚清馨的自然风

Heimou Clothing Co., Ltd to a professional team, rigorous management, good service, efforts to create Heimou brand of fashionable women's clothing new culture. The company has a vibrant and energetic, innovative team. It brings together a group of professional design ability and management ability, the courage to forge ahead with the talent, uphold the "integrity and innovation, to ensure win-win" business philosophy, honesty, innovation, and strive to create brand value management objectives. It is designed for the soul, network marketing-oriented, production and processing facilities, is a modern integrated enterprise, with strong vitality and social appeal. Companies adhere to the people-oriented, service-oriented win-win for the purpose, so that enterprises in the development of a good social image.
We will always be a passionate, young and kind heart side by side, our team has a common vision and goals, beliefs and the pursuit of the ideal and beautiful life of the common desire to care for each other, mutual encouragement and common development.

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