Men's shirt with more type? Shirt and canvas bag with how

Small fresh meat, veteran cadres, old bacon, etc. a series of new words appear, fully verify the value of modern men's pivotal. You have never seen a shameful man, is called a fashion man, right? This is full of evidence that the modern men's color values ​​in addition to the test of Yan, the dress with a must also be ignored.

临时任务 - Linshi Tasks

White shirt is the most test Yan value, if men want to wear fashion and stylish? Then the essential white shirt spring and summer should be how to match the color? And canvas bag with what will happen? Men's white shirt, with casual and fresh and restrained temperament, set off the entire person fair complexion, at the same time embellished with knit shoulder, casually concave one shape can be fascinated. Fashion is absolutely not sloppy dress men, go out, no bags in the hands of how to do it? Hand holding a gray iron retro canvas bag, the bag is the original classic postman inspiration, white embellishment, and the white shirt coincide, enough to spike all the hearts of women fans.

Such a cool and beautiful bag, where can I buy it? Just click on the red font below, you can understand.

Picture source: Temporary mission

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