Autumn pairing bag fashion sense of the overall burst

For women, it is simply an indispensable match, shopping, work, dating, if there is no bag, it is estimated that women will be crazy! Therefore, the fashion bag up to people think that the bag has been included in the fashion circle essential, and if the autumn paired bag, will add a lot of your overall shape Oh.

羚羊 - COBO

Autumn street, met long-sleeved shirt with a hip skirt, graceful woman, marry it, because she is feminine, through her bag to determine the details of life, shoulder and oblique straddle navy blue Pillow bag, natural generous cute; and choose wine burgundy woman, the atmosphere restrained and elegant.

秋天配对包包 整体时尚感爆棚

Gray woolen vest dress, elegant atmosphere of the design, to bring a woman autumn romantic literary and ladies ladies feel, this gray vest dress with a burgundy woven handbag to do embellishment, bag decorated autumn, fashion and retro charm, so A dress walking in the streets, a woman standing upright and elegant to do walking upright queen.

Image Source: Antelope

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