From ingenuity to excellence -2017 China Watch and Fashion Industry Development Forum successfully held

China's watch industry elite gathered in Shenzhen, a total of a new era of development of the industry

December 9, 2017 China Watch and Fashion Industry Development Forum was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. From around the country nearly 500 watch industry elite gathered together with the well-known economist Professor Ma Guangyuan, watch industry leaders, department store retail industry leaders and industry leaders talk about the new future of China's fashion industry watch.

(From left to right) Wang Mudi, Yu Guanghua, Ma Guangyuan, Sha Shengxi, Huang Jiannan, Zhu Shunhua, Pan Jian

This forum invited Mr. Wang Mandi, host of "Financial and Economic Eyes" of Guangdong Satellite TV as special guest host. At the annual event of China's watch and fashion industry, Professor Ma Guangyuan, a famous economist, delivered a keynote speech on the status of "China's macroeconomic operation under consumption upgrade and its future prospects". Professor Ma conducted an in-depth analysis of the current economic situation in China and elaborated on the challenges and opportunities that exist under the current economic situation. He said that China's economic growth will return to normal from its rapid growth. As China's economy has officially entered the era of surplus economy from a shortage economy, The drivers of economic growth are driven by investment and export-led consumption and innovation. The optimization of industrial structure, upgrading of manufacturing industry, the booming of service industry, especially productive service industry and the gradual end of the growth mode of monetary promotion are the gradual withdrawal of the state from the investment field and the start-up of non-government investment, debt, finance and real estate risk. China's economy is quietly evolving in many aspects and the Chinese economy is on the eve of a "new cycle." However, the "new cycle" of China's economy is by no means the "rebound" period some have described. It is almost impossible for some people to dream of China's economy returning to the high growth of the past. The honored guests said that Professor Ma's speech benefited them greatly.

Well-known economist Professor Ma Guangyuan
At the forum, Tao Xiaonian, vice chairman of China National Light Industry Council and chairman of China Watch and Clock Association, expressed his opinion on how the clock and watch industry should develop in the future. In his opinion, the era of closed doors was over and the times of cross-border integration had become advent. Only by keeping up with the pace of the times can we seize the great opportunity of the development of the times and really make major achievements.

Economic Forum scene map

Subsequently, Mr. Sha Shengxi, Chairman of Shenzhen Shuihui Watch Group and founder of the brand of Porsche, said that the China Watch and Fashion Industry Development Forum will provide a platform for domestic watch brands, distributors and trade associations to exchange ideas with famous Economists, business leaders and elites from all walks of life in this turbulent era of change, with forward thinking and basic practice of cross-border search for a breakthrough path for the fashion industry in China's clocks and watches, so that China's watch and fashion industry in the surging tide of waves, Continuously adapt to the rapid consumer demand for fashion changes, leading the industry to develop a new atmosphere. To watch the fashion industry in China Forum on this stage, let the Chinese watch industry condensate into a force, unity and seek common development, writing new brilliant watch industry.

Chairman of Shenzhen Ruihui Watch Group, Mr. Sha Shengxi, the founder of the brand of Porsche

At the forum, Mr. Sha Shengxi, the founder of Porsche Brand, announced the brand strategy plan of the 20th anniversary of the brand of Porsche. He first introduced Bao Bao from the aspects of product design, core technology, brand influence and brand value Czech brand advantage, then he detailed analysis of the status of the watch industry and future trends, put forward the new consumption, new opportunities and new competition three concepts. Finally, he officially released the brand strategy of the 20th anniversary of Porsche. In the future, the Porsche brand will enhance the Porsche brand through four aspects of product value upgrade, retail professional upgrade, brand image upgrade and organization platform upgrade. The ultimate Porsche brand into the first fashion brand in China Volkswagen.

Yu Guanghua, Ma Guangyuan, Sha Sheng Xi, Huang Jiannan

At the forum, Mr. Wu Cong, executive vice president of China Chamber of Commerce for Business Administration, issued the "China Fashion Watch Brand Innovation Award" for the Porsche Brand, marking the 20th anniversary of the brand of Porsche Send a share of the most birthday gift.

Mr. Wu Cong (left), Executive Vice President of Timepieces & Commerce Business Administration Committee of China Business Management Association, Mr. Sha Shengxi (right), founder of Porsche Table,

Finally, Moderator Wang Maodi and famous economist Professor Ma Guangyuan, Shenzhen Yuanye (Group) Co., Ltd. Vice President Yu Guanghua, fashion group "fashion time" media editor Pan Jian, the former Assistant Secretary of Commerce Huang Jiannan , Chairman of Shenzhen Watch Industry Association, Mr. Zhu Shunhua, the 6th member of Shenzhen CPPCC, and 6 guests from Mr. Sha Shengxi, the founder of Porsche Brand, started the collision of views. From their own industry perspective, respectively from different areas of China's watch industry status quo and future interpretation, and closely around the watch industry in China how to develop the future, wonderful answers lead to continuous applause. In a warm atmosphere, "from ingenuity to excellence, 2017 China Watch and Fashion Industry Development Forum" successfully concluded.

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