Standing Bags - The Classic of Modern Packaging

Stand-up pouch packaging is considered to be the most widely available form of packaging compared to other “brother” packaging containers.
Products packed in flexible plastic containers are very convenient for shoppers: there will be no jarring of bottles and cans, shopping bags will not be broken by hard packaging, and requests are almost crazy. Making stand-up pouches is seen as the best packaging solution to these problems. The current stand-up pouch technology has already achieved many dreams. This is a great market opportunity for soft plastics manufacturers.
Insiders pointed out that "With the introduction of high-capacity bagging automation equipment, the potential for flexible packaging bags is growing." For example, the rise of stand-up pouches has enabled flexible packaging bags to compete with cartons, plastic containers and cans.
The development process of self-supporting bags The self-supporting bags are the natural evolution and progress of the bagging industry. R&D personnel have spent a lot of time on empty type self-supporting bags until the patent of Doypack stand-up bag was created in 1962. achieved success. The manufacturer first introduced a self-supporting packaged detergent product that can be refilled and resealed. After being recognized by consumers, this form of packaging slowly entered the dehydrated food industry. In the 1980s, aseptic packaging enabled stand-up pouches to be used in foods and beverages and was extended to a wider range. The most typical example is Krafr's CapriSun product, which brings a whole new concept to fruit juice drinks. So far, the development of stand-up pouches has never stopped.
The Doypack patent is mainly applied to packaging design and filling equipment. However, there is still much room for innovation on the basis of the original design, such as increasing the effective capacity and enhancing the attractiveness of the bag itself. The development of bag making equipment further developed the potential application opportunities of self-supporting bags. In the past, flexible packaging bags were usually first processed and then filled and sealed according to the needs of specific products. Although this method is still widely used, the appearance of continuous vertical molding/filling/sealing machines shows that more and more More flexible packaging bags began to use online processing methods, at this time should choose coil packaging bags for production. "Compared with prefabricated bags, coil packaging bags have the advantages of low cost, high speed, and large capacity, and their cost is only one-fifth that of prefabricated bags," said a production owner.
However, prefabricated bags are the best packaging material for cooking and have more flexibility. Manufacturers of bag making equipment are working to shorten the speed gap between prefabricated bags and canned lines. Under normal circumstances, large packaging bag manufacturers will provide prefabricated bags and coil packaging bags to meet the needs of various bags.
Advances in shelf life, displayability, and cost-advantageous materials and processing technologies have played a decisive role in winning shelf space for flexible packaging bags. The shelf life of foods and beverages packaged in standing bags has been extended at room temperature. Consumers believe that the products of stand-up pouch packaging all have excellent brand image and are very convenient to use: If zippers are added, stand-up pouches can be re-sealed; self-supporting pouches with spouts make it easier to pour food; It is an ideal package for liquid foods such as beverages, dairy products, etc.
Taking into account the cost, the industry generally believes that self-supporting bags have the following advantages: raw materials have a variety of options (PE, PP, multilayer aluminum foil composites or nylon composite materials); perfect printing quality can help retailers attract consumers' attention Due to its soft plastic packaging, it is light in weight, not easily damaged, and it reduces the cost of sales and storage. Disposal of stand-up pouches is easier than bottles and cans, and there are fewer restrictions on packaging regulations.
All of these advantages make standing bags one of the fastest growing forms of packaging in the packaging industry. It is a classic of modern packaging.

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