Taiwan launches next-generation online measurement system

According to overseas media reports, Taiwan Precision Machinery R&D Center has developed a new generation of online thickness measurement system that uses inductive measurement methods to measure whether the average thickness of sheet formed by rubber and plastic materials meets the requirements and provides test values.
The online thickness measurement system adopts non-contact scanning measurement method, which can measure the thickness of thin parts online and display the value on the screen. Then the warning light warns the on-site operator to be too thick or too thin, and records the data in the computer. Easy to query.
The system can measure objects with a width of 0-200 mm and a thickness of 0.02-1.5 mm, with a measurement speed of 6 m/min, a measurable line speed of 400 m/min, a measurement accuracy of ±1 μm, and repeatability Accuracy of ±3μm.
The statistics show the average and standard deviation of all measurement points, as well as the storage of product specifications and measurement data, automatic scanning and fixed-point measurement functions. Another computer-based IO control and signal acquisition analysis, automatic accuracy compensation, does not affect the accuracy due to long-term automatic measurement, the use of Windows operating system, man-machine interface is simple, system modular design, easy maintenance .

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