Shenyang developed a successful cardboard composite machine

After many years of research and development, Shenyang Taidaxing Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully launched the first home-made cardboard composite machine and obtained national patents.
The machine can produce 800-3000 grams of composite cardboard with different functions and different sizes from the input web, through sizing and compound pressurization, forming and slitting once. With a daily production of 80-120 tons of hard flat paper production capacity. The machine has the advantages of low investment, high output, quick return, and wide raw material source. It is suitable for multi-industry packaging applications and is the preferred product of paper and wood. The product has high compressive strength, which facilitates high stacking and saves transportation and storage space. At the same time, according to the different requirements of customers, after adjusting the composite structure, it can meet the purposes such as dairy products storage and transportation.
It is reported that China's textile packaging this year must be used without a box, cardboard composite machine will certainly play its obvious advantages.

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