Solid material filling (middle)

(2) Vacuum-metering cylinder filling machine. This machine can be used to fill ampoules, large and small bottles, cans, small bags, etc. Filling containers range from 5mg to 5kg. Most filling accuracy is ±1%. The principle is shown in Figure 9-17. Below the storage hopper 1 there is a rotating drum 2 with an adjustable volume. The metering drum is evenly distributed along the radial direction of the runner and is connected to the center of the runner through the pipe. The center of the rotor has a circular vacuum-inflator 3 for vacuum and air intake. The material falls from the storage hopper into the metering drum, and is densely and evenly distributed after evacuation. The conveyor belt 4 continuously feeds the container under the runner. When the wheel turns over the container, air blows the material into the container.

The volumetric filling methods have a common important problem, that is, to minimize the change in the specific gravity of the material. Therefore, vibration, agitation, and vacuum must be used. Changes in the proportion of materials can cause measurement errors at any time, so you must quickly find out and immediately adjust the amount of filling. The faster the filling rate, the more difficult it is to find and adjust, and therefore requires skilled operation techniques. In high-speed filling, an automatic detector can be used to feed back the detection results to the relevant parts of the filling machine, and then automatically adjust.
In order to increase filling speed and accuracy, volume filling and weighing and filling can be used in a mixed manner.
The selection of the solid material filling method and the liquid material filling must be comprehensively considered according to various factors. The first thing to consider is to select the physical characteristics and filling accuracy of the material to be filled; secondly, consider the structure and material of the filling container; third, consider the filling speed; and finally consider the complexity of the filling machine, the ease of operation, and the price The level of such factors. The methods for filling various solid materials are listed in Table 9-2 for reference when selecting.
Table 9-2   A variety of solid material filling method comparison table

Normal align=left> filling method

Normal > Compare content

Weighing filling method Yung    product    Charge    fill     law

(1) ( 2 ) Controlling the filling volume through flow or time

Metering control of filling volume net weight

Gross weight

(3) Measurement

Vibration type

(4) Spiral (5) Vacuum

(6) Gravity-Measurement Short Form (7) Vacuum-Measurement Short Form

1 charge

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