Lithostar Ultra Photosensitive Plate

High-speed positive aluminum version using Agfa's silver halide technology. Agfa's Lithostar Ultra is specially designed to enhance technology and improve productivity, which can improve image quality, stability, print latitude and reliability.

Wide range of applications The Lithostar Ultra series is suitable for all major photosensitive imaging technologies. The Agfa Lithostar Ultra is available in three models and is suitable for the main photosensitive imaging equipment on the market. The three models are: Lithostar Ultra LAP-V (inductive violet laser/400 nm), Lithostar Ultra LAP-O (green sensitive laser/488) And 532 nm) and Lithostar Ultra LAP-R (red laser/650 to 670 nm). The three different models ensure the best photographic effect for different imaging wavelengths.

The high-resolution digital plate Lithostar Ultra is suitable for medium-volume jobs requiring high resolution and easy operation. Its resolution of up to 300 lpi is sufficient to meet the highest requirements. Agfa's Lithostar Ultra combines the accuracy of digital imaging with the ease of use of lithographic printing plates. Its performance in the pressroom is no different from traditional printing plates. Users do not need to change their original working methods. Lithostar Ultra is an important part of Agfa's expanded computer-to-plate solution. Users of the Agfa Lithostar Plus and Silverlith digital plates can switch to suitable Lithostar Ultra plates.

Complete Agfa Direct Lithography The Agfa Lithostar Ultra is especially designed for the world's major photosensitive platesetters, including the latest violet laser models Galileo VS and Galileo VXT. It also provides customers with advanced workflows, high quality outlets, digital copying, support services, and Other configurations required for all computer-to-plate making.


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