Omega #SpeedyTuesday Create an extremely fast sold out record

#SPEEDYTUESDAY Create a speed sold out record Omega new super series "SPEEDY TUESDAY" limited edition watch online posted on 4 hours 15 minutes Out of stock in 43 seconds! Omega Speedmaster Series "Speedy Tuesday" limited edition watch 2,012 new Omega Speedmaster Series "Speedy Tuesday" limited edition watch was released as soon as it was sold out. The brand's latest limited edition Speedmaster Timepieces collection is sought after by watch enthusiasts from all over the world and has sold out as fast as ever. The first Swiss watch brand OMEGA (OMEGA) on sale for the first time a new watch, which is the history of the watchmaking industry can be described as the pioneering move, released after it is an extraordinary response from the market. The limited edition Super Bravo was introduced to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the acclaimed #SpeedyTuesday Online Community. Beijing on January 10 at 19:00 on Tuesday night, Omega in the world of its official social platform open simultaneously bookings. Only four hours later, 2,012 limited edition watch is all booked. Mr.Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of Omega Worldwide, Commenting on the fans of the Super Speedmaster watch, Mr.Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of Omega, said: "They are passionate about their beloved wristwatches and are extremely loyal to the Omega brand" . Mr. Andersen was also very delighted with the impressive performance of the online release and said: "Omega has always been committed to responding positively to the needs of consumers, so this feedback from the online community of brands means to us extraordinary." Omega online platform has been very active, but the brand has never been as direct sales channels. The new form of connecting its online community, Omega is definitely a thrilling bold attempt, followed by the great success once again confirmed as the brand representative watches Omega Speedmaster series has been the world's most One of the timepieces with collectible value.

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