Leading the gentleman taste BinDe leather goods (J.BENATO) "Milan holiday"

September 21, 2011, J.BENATO (Biennale) "Milan Holiday" static tour landed in Changsha, Changsha friendship store elegant start. This is an appreciation Gentleman products invited, autumn and winter 2011 J.BENATO (Bingdu) new products and their brand culture will be here for all the friends portrait. During the tour, representatives of Friendship Store and VIP, J.BENATO (Binto) brand head office, "Men's Fashion" magazine representatives and brand VIP gathered together to share the grand show of static exhibition, to create this extraordinary atmosphere Gentleman style. This is not only the ultimate manifestation of a culture, but also express the elegant gentleman self-confidence, the deep pursuit of elegant taste. Xiaobian of China Garment Network (efu.com.cn) understands this Changsha static show expresses the cultural connotation of Bingdu with the theme of "healthy and low-carbon" environmental protection. Lead gentleman taste BinDe leather goods Bicycles in an environmentally friendly and comfortable attitude stand on the scene, so that every customer feel J.BENATO (Bin degree) brand fashion attitude. At the same time J.BENATO (Bindo) 2011 new products to the role of gentleman display, patchwork at the same time highlight the fashion personality. Each piece of J.BENATO shoes represents the elegant and artistic charm of Italy and lead the international fashion style, all from the West show the most orthodox gentleman. Classic without chanting, culture lead development. In the following days, J.BENATO brand will continue to create the fashion influence by culture and create distinctive brand connotation. Lead gentleman taste BinDe leather goods The Bindo brand originated in Pallanza, a picturesque landscape town near Lago Maggiore in northern Italy, overlooking the magical Lake Maggiore, the picturesque landscape and the Italian Unique deep cultural heritage gave birth to the inspiration of many artists, but also breed ELDERMA BENATO superb handmade shoe skills.

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