Tips for men: Nine tips for buying and wearing watches

In Western countries, watches, pens, lighters, once known as adult men's "three treasure", is a must for every man. The watch, as the only man in addition to the ring outside the jewelry, a matter of course, became one of the most important social occasions decoration. As with jewelry, watches worn by people on social occasions often reflect their status, status and wealth. But at the same time, it must not neglect its practical value. So what are the tips to buy and wear watches, every man should know it? Wan table world Xiaobian revealed for you one by one. 1. Weekday wearing a practical occasion of a strong watch. Whether working indoors, outdoor activities, or playing with kids, on a variety of occasions, depending on your budget, you can wear a $ 100- $ 100,000 watch. Your wear is just as good as your style, and you do not have to go too far for high prices, but your choice is best not to be too abusive. In this way, you have more opportunities to enjoy more types of watches, and experience the most essential meaning of this "time tool" - look at the time! At the same time, you can also be beautiful and expensive watch your collection kept It will come in handy for important occasions. 2. Change the strap, immediately let your old watch full of new vitality. Do not try do not know, change the strap, the watch looks different surprises! Think about it, take your old dull strap away, put on a different color or even different material new strap, give it a note Point new blood. The amount of your watch how wide a band, remember to be accurate to millimeter Oh, and then set off hunting a new darling. 3. Use watch winders to store your automatic mechanical watch. For men who have more than one mechanical watch, do not waste your time using your watch (to keep it moving). You can put the mechanical watch that you do not wear into the box and make it full of energy for wear at any time. 4. Clean your watch, the simplest, with a mild soap and slightly warm water to clean. Some jewelry lotion or hot water is likely to damage your watch. 5. Want to extend the life of the strap? Consider using a watch with an adjustable clasp, or you can add one to your leather strap. This type of buckle prevents the strap from being damaged by multiple stripping, thus extending the life of the strap. Table size is very important. So how do you know if a watch is too big or too big for your wrist? The rims of the lugs or case do not go beyond your wrist, no matter how big the watch is, and its diameter is not Should be beyond your wrist, otherwise it is not for you. Relatively speaking, the lugs or the case of the edge is not too far away from your wrist edge, or is too small, feminine look feminine. 7. Watch time readability, is that you are willing to wear it regularly is an important reason. So at the time of purchase, you have to make sure you can easily see the watch's time. First, make sure the length of the pointer is moderate, and even the hands of many brand-name watches are too short. Plus, make sure the pointer and dial colors are well matched so you can see the time clearly in any light and angle. Otherwise, the expensive and exquisite watch will soon have a long holiday in your drawer. 8. Different occasions for the preparation of different watches. Watches are like shoes to a large extent, no one will be willing to see you wearing the same pair of shoes to attend different occasions. From this perspective, then watch, then prepare different styles of watches is reasonable. This will help you to easily appear in formal, outdoor, sports and other occasions. 9. Exquisite watches really expensive, but also make it difficult for you to decide exactly how much you want to spend on the purchase table. However, how to decide how much to spend? The more money you spend on this watch, the more it should pay you. Want to buy a very stylish but only occasional table? Then buy a relatively low table. Preferring to design a classic and want to wear the watch for many years? If you want this form to accompany you for many years, then a higher investment is worth it. (Text / million watch world Li Yaorong)

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