Compostable snack food packaging available, can be composted in 180 days degradation

【原文】 Shanvalley Innovative Foods Ireland ( Shanvalley ) introduced compostable pouches for its new snack foods cold-pressed fruit and nutbars , and the move by the company will help companies to further cash Its brand promise: healthy eating, green life! The packaging consists of a combination of compostable materials of various properties. Home industrial composting, which is quite common practice in Ireland. So, Shanvalley Inc. recently launched compost snack food packaging in County Mayo, Ireland, which is the best of both worlds: not only degradable packagings for more than 180 days, but also made from bio-based materials. June 2017, Shanvalley launched Karma Free and Karma Elevate two snack foods, are made of pure natural raw materials, does not contain added sugar. September 2016, the company linked to the film supplier TIPA company, and provide consultation film packaging materials and packaging traditional products have the same properties. Julia Schifter, vice president of business development at TIPA , explains: "To ensure that products have the same shelf-life as traditional packaging, Shanvalley requires that the new packaging for snack foods be barrier-equivalent to traditional packaging and be compatible with traditional non-returnable packaging materials In contrast, they are more interested in compostable packaging materials, essentially wanting to use bio-based, fully compostable packaging from TIPA , but they do not want to compromise on the packaging properties. " Although TIPA declined to specify the exact composition of its film, Schifter said the packaging materials for the Karma Free and KarmaElevate products are composites of a wide range of performance compostable materials, including printing, barrier and seal layers. She added: " Shanvalley chose materials of this construction to meet all of the properties of its product packaging, including barrier properties, printability, good tightness, processability on horizontal form / fill / seal wrappers , As well as the traditional packaging materials gives the appearance of feeling. The packaging is printed on a conventional flexo press using compostable inks and adhesives. The material is fully compostable according to the European Directive 94/62 / EC (Packaging and Packaging Waste Standard EN 13432 ) for testing and certification. In addition, the European EN 13432 standard requires all packaging materials not only to be compostable but also to be biodegradable within 180 days and free of heavy metals or toxic residues which may be hazardous to the soil, which meets the requirements. De-clan Gannon , Shanvalley 's founder and equity holder, said: "When Karma Free and Karma Elevate, two new-packaged foods, were introduced at the Bloom Garden Festival in Dublin, the response was really good because the tourists were real Understand the problems with plastic packaging and the benefits of using compost packaging. " He then added: "By using flexible TIPA produced, durable, biodegradable film, we further honor the" healthy diet, green living "brand promise, they help us to become Ireland's first 250 get Origin Green Certification (This certification is issued by the Irish Food Agency.) Ensuring that products are socially and environmentally responsible is of crucial importance to our branded businesses and TIPA Films helped us to achieve that. " At present, Karma Free and Karma Elevate are two types of food items sold throughout Ireland, including cafes, iconic shops (independent grocery stores, small supermarkets and specialty stores), health food stores and supermarket chains.

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