A World Cup fried red Yu-ship it

Longines and Equestrian, Rolex and Tennis, Omega and Golf, many big-name watchmakers seem keen on alliances with sporting events. For the time being, we will not think about what they are doing by means of the name of sports, but at the same time, they send a great deal of truth to their enthusiasm for sports. At least they convey the simple truth that life is movement. There are still 31 days before the opening of the World Cup. When it comes to the World Cup, those who love football and love football may feel a little bit heart-shaped. The brand of Hublot attracted the attention of the World Cup in recent years. 2010 World Cup in South Africa, along with the referee cited the chronograph card, "HUBLOT" six letters will appear when Hublot and FIFA launched "Classic Fusion Gold 2010 World Cup Limited Edition watch" to produce 100 limited edition . This year's World Cup it will also be the official timer appeared on the pitch. In fact, as early as 2006, Hublot and Switzerland team to provide limited edition watch. In 2008 it also appeared in the European Cup match, in August of the same year, it became the official United Timer, and at Old Trafford stadium built a 10-meter tower. Hublot also designed for the Mexican national team set off World Cup watches. Speaking of here also invited a more familiar brand ambassador, Argentina coach Maradona. His behavior looks more like a watch enthusiast, and you may notice that he has watches on both wrists and is exactly the same. Hublot formally announced that it will establish a partnership with him in 2010 and create a watch named "Big Bang Maradona" after his name. Ma Shuai explained this is that I have two daughters, I love them so I have to wear two tables. It sounds like there is no logic, but it does not matter to us, we know he is the only one on both wrist wearing Hublot celebrity is enough. Big Bang Maradona's design is still ingenuity. Bezel material is black ceramic, wrist watch with Maradona's signature, but also into the Argentine sky blue flag elements, three o'clock position on the small seconds there is a big Arabic numerals 10, is the Maradona's Lucky number. The watch is capped with his iconic portrait of V-shaped Victory. That year, Hublot also with the Mexican Football Federation, for the Mexican national team to create a color with the Mexican flag Hublot FMF Aero Bang watches. On continental Europe, Hublot is also the official timing partner of Manchester United, one of the most famous clubs in the world. Hublot global CEO Jean-Claude. Beaver said, "football is a very good platform for the luxury brand in its large audience, which is not only located at the top of the pyramid of luxury consumers, There are also many potential users currently in the middle of the pyramid, and more importantly, we are more focused on the future, now that children who love football will be the mainstay of this society in the future and may also be the future users of our Hublot. "Sports can perfectly cover such a huge audience like football, and by linking the Hublot watch with this fanatical sport all over the world, becoming the leader in football, it is the first of its kind in luxury marketing!" Here to insert a few words, had admired Yu-ship market perspective, its own market positioning or very clear. Even Christopher Hodgson said something like this: "My father and I are loyal lovers of Hublot, and Hublot has an extraordinary vision, material integration and professional marketing, which gives us great admiration for what they have achieved Achievement is by far one of the greatest success stories. After serving as the official European official timekeeping and official watch in 2012, Hublot has worked hand-in-hand with football giants such as Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Ajax. Yu Hubin and the World Cup in the future, what are the wonderful intersection? We still wait and see!

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