Infrared anti-counterfeit goods barcode and printing method thereof

[patent type] invention patent [patent name] infrared anti-counterfeit goods bar code and its printing method
【Applicant】 Wuhan University [Inventor] Liu Wuhui; Qian Jun; Ma Lisheng [Address of Principal Applicant] 430072 Wuchang Lushan, Wuhan, Hubei Province [Application Number].7
【 Application Date 】 2005.11.25
【 Validation Announcement No. ] 1776714
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.05.24
【 Main classification number】 G06K9/18(2006.01)I
[Category Code] G06K9/18(2006.01)I G06K7/10(2006.01)I
[Sovereign item] 1. An anti-counterfeiting product bar code, including visible codes and hidden codes, characterized in that the concealed part of the anti-counterfeit product bar code is a complete one or more line segments, and only the hidden part and the visible code under the infrared light In order to form a complete bar code together.
[Instruction CD-ROM] D0621-1
[Abstract] The present invention provides an infrared anti-counterfeit goods barcode and its printing method. The infrared anti-counterfeit bar code includes the visible code and the hidden code. The hidden code part is a complete one or more line segments, and the hidden code part is only in the infrared light. Significantly together to form a complete bar code. The printing method for manufacturing the anti-counterfeiting product bar code is that the two parts of the code and the concealed code are simultaneously plated during the process of plate making, but the hidden code segment of the bar code is printed with infrared ink, and the remaining significant segments are printed with common ink. This kind of infrared anti-counterfeiting bar code is a kind of hidden fake pseudo-code which can be directly recognized by the merchant and is extremely difficult to imitate, and is particularly suitable for some goods (such as the goods of the self-selected arcade) which require the confidentiality of the bar code.
【 Agency 】 Wuhan Huaxu Intellectual Property Office 【 Agent 】 Liu Rong Jiang Yufang

Source: Beijing Wanfang Data Co., Ltd.

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