Screen-covered printing process applied to keyboard manufacturing

The screen-covering printing process is actually a screen-printing process with common inks and ultraviolet (UV) coatings. As people nowadays have higher and higher requirements for product technology, both traditional mimeographies and modern laser etching technologies cannot satisfy people's requirements for high wear resistance and high glossiness of keycap characters, so keyboard manufacturers have In the manufacturing process, a screen printing process of ordinary ink plus ultraviolet (UV) coating was introduced into the packaging field. It was first used to make a primer with a quick-inhalation ink, and when the ink began to dry, it was printed using an ultraviolet ray coating. This ensures the glossiness of the product. Because this process not only solves the durability problem of the ink printing, but also solves the defect of the glossiness of the laser etching process, so we are in more and more high-end products. See this printing process.

Source: China Silk Screen Professional Network

Fiberglass Cloth

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