Girard Perregaux Macao Studio City opened the door

Girard Perregaux brings the 225-year history of the brand to the city, opening a new boutique at the Entertainment Complex in Asia, Studio City, Macau with the release of the 225th Anniversary Special Edition, called Place Girardet. On April 13, 2016, distinguished guests and guests came together to celebrate the grand opening of the new Girard-Perregaux store and celebrate the legendary 225th anniversary of the brand. The brand new Girard-Perregaux (GP) store is located in Studio City. Studio City is themed as a Hollywood movie and is one of the most popular resort projects. Girard Perregaux (GP) store unique design, the appearance is even more magnificent. The interior decoration from the wall to the lights have been carefully designed in order to provide guests with the best shopping experience, sections of the watch is even more impressive. The watch includes a variety of classic pieces such as Girard-Perregaux 1966, Traveler and Cat's Eyes, and a new masterpiece of Place Girardet, the 225th anniversary edition of GPL. Girard Perregaux (GP) "Place Girardet" series watch Many guests arrived in the afternoon of the 13th, waiting to see the appearance of "Place Girardet" series watch. Officiating guests included Mr. Antonio Calce, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZPEB Group and GP Labs, Mr. Chan Wing-lam, Chief Executive Officer of MNC Group, Dr. Sun Bing-Shu, Honorary President of Hong Kong Watches and Clocks Association, JP, (Hong Kong) Limited, Mr. Kwan Koo Koo, Mr. Yao Xinjing, Director of Macau Tianbao Greater China, Mr. Leong Ching Wah, Chairman of Tempus Watches and Ms. Huang Haiyan, Chairman of Kam Chong Development Company Limited. On the very day, Ms. Lin Xia Wei, Miss Red Star and Ms. Chua Siu-bai, famous musician, were invited to attend the opening ceremony. All guests at the new store in Girard Perregaux (GP) ribbon-cutting ceremony The opening ceremony was kicked off by GP and CEO Antonio Calce and Dr. Sun Bingshu JP, who then officiated at the ribbon-cutting ceremony and held a toast to celebrate the brand new GP Store Opening and brand 225th birthday. Afterwards, Mr. Antonio Calce and Mr. Chan Wing-lam joined hands as Lion Dance to make their eyes look red. After the Lion Dance, they vividly spotted themselves in front of the brand-new Girard-Perregaux (GP) store, bringing new vitality to the new store and implying a new store Booming, business is booming, the atmosphere of the entire activity pushed to the climax. Before the successful conclusion of the opening ceremony, a group of distinguished guests took a group photo to record the glorious moment of the 225th anniversary of the brand. All guests to take a photo taken souvenir Mr. Antonio Calce, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZPEB Group and GP Shippers said: "We are deeply honored by watchmakers in and around Macau who recognize and love brand design and craftsmanship. For more than two centuries, Girard-Perregaux (GP) master watchmakers excellence, adhering to the courageous, enterprising, dedicated and professional attitude, creating a miracle clock. From now on, we will continue to inherit the spirit and tradition of the brand, intentions for watch enthusiasts making the most top-most Perfect watch. " Mr. Antonio Calce, CEO of Girard Perregaux (GP)

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