Sleever Bottle Wins World Award Unique Rocket Modeling Toy

A ketchup bottle designed for children has recently won the Brazil Package Design ABRE Award and the World Star Trophy of the International Packaging Design.

This bottle is produced using Sleever International's Sleever solution, a rocket-shaped appearance, using an injection molding technique. Can accommodate 220 grams of tomato sauce, vacant become a chic children's toy. This type of bottle uses 8-color printing as a whole, and the pattern uses Disney cartoon characters. The material of this bottle is highly flexible SI-OPS/F-040 film, which is smooth and beautiful after shrinking.

Because the shape of the bottle is unique, in order to ensure that the material will not damage the perfection of the pattern due to different shrinkage rates during the production, three-dimensional treatment is required during the bottle design process. After compression molding, this bottle needs to be OPS-filmed. Sleever technology can organically consider complex pattern printing designs and bottle body designs to meet the needs of the market.

Currently, Sleever technology can be applied not only to the design of food packaging, but also to packaging applications in many fields such as medicine, beverages and beauty products.

Source: Food Packaging

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