How to know the number of watches?

Watches on the market roughly divided into two categories of machinery and quartz electronics. Mechanical watch additional features include automatic winding, calendar display, multi-pin instructions. Quartz watch more additional functions, especially the digital display of the electronic form, the appearance of decorative features is colorful. There are high value-added sapphire crystal glass, ceramic case , tungsten steel case, diamond drilling technology. From wearing style and requirements, can be divided into the dress table, casual table, dress casual table, sports watch, professional watch several types. In general, different occasions should wear different styles of watches. From the perspective of the wearer can be divided into male models, female models, neutral models, child models. Mechanical watches and quartz watches the difference Mechanical watches rely on the clockwork to provide power, through the gear to time. Mechanical watch is divided into manual winding and automatic winding. As the structure is more complex, the phenotype is more heavy. Because of the characteristics of travel time principle, subject to gravity, mechanical friction, temperature changes, the use of such factors as the impact of error so relatively large quartz watch. Quartz watches rely on the battery to power the extremely stable high-frequency vibration of quartz crystal as a benchmark, so the quartz watch travel time is more accurate, the cost is relatively low, can be described as inexpensive. Of course, the appearance of quartz watch, although the impact on the traditional mechanical watch large, but still can not completely replace the mechanical watch, many men or collectors still like the traditional sense of mechanical watches. How to solve the steel case rust problem The general increase in the steel table does not rust, but everything is relative. There are many types of stainless steel. Sweat discharged from the body contains hydrochloric acid composition, the table worn on the hand, if long-term erosion by sweat or acid-base salt dirt accumulation without wiping, the case will slowly appear rusty, especially in the low back cover comes out often. Therefore, usually watch watch should pay attention to maintenance, often wipe dust on the case, sweat and so on. In addition, should be avoided in strong acid, alkali and other occasions wearing watch operation, so that no case of rust on the steel case. How to choose the watch from the appearance (1) Table glass should be clear, smooth, no blisters and scratches, cracks, and with the case close. (2) Case should be uniform color, no obvious scratches, defects, corrosion. (3) back cover marked clear, with the case close, the seal shall not be exposed. (4), minutes, seconds, three needles should be straight, needle and needle, needle and dial surface, the needle and the glass between the appropriate gap. (5) Dial surface should be clean, uniform color, trademark and scale clear, uniform indexing. Calendar characters in the box in the middle position. Digital display handwriting is clear, no defect. (6) mechanical watch (back-type or hollow -type) movement without plastic parts, pendulum rotation sleek. Waterproof watch how to distinguish Waterproof watch is usually classified according to their level is 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, etc., the main surface, the back cover, the surface of the waterproof apron to achieve the appropriate waterproof standards. 30 meters (3ATM, that is, 3 atmospheres) waterproof watch can be used for daily grooming or rain, that is, water droplets splash on the surface without any pressure on the table. 50 meters waterproof table can be suitable for swimming and general housework, 100 meters waterproof table can be used for swimming and diving and other underwater work General waterproof table should not be hot water bath, sauna, or great temperature changes in the environment. Because the waterproof rubber ring affected by the temperature will be expansion and contraction of cold expansion and accelerated aging and thus affect the waterproof function. And around the relatively small molecules of water vapor, it is easy to infiltrate the body, causing internal mechanical damage. Watch should be kept in the normal position, screw thread should be tightened, do not adjust the water table. Even a professional waterproof watch its waterproof apron should be replaced in time after a year, otherwise its waterproof performance will not be guaranteed. Quartz watch each time you change the best battery at the same time waterproof parts to ensure good waterproof performance. Watch how to do the water If only a small amount of mist, the passage of time will disappear on its own, or can be baked under the light bulb, but not on the fire roasted. Or you can watch the Mongolian inside, bottom shell outward, anti-wear on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can be eliminated. If more water, visible drops of water, should be repaired as soon as possible to find a professional repair shop. Although life-proof waterproof watch did a certain degree of waterproofing, but are generally not rigorously tested, it is recommended to wear to avoid touching water to prevent in case. Watch is a high-precision items, please note that care. Poly fashion watch network Recommended reading: Quartz watch is good or mechanical watch good ladies watch brand list the world's top ten watch brand watch list

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