Sister sister index MAX Yang Yang also rely on the watch to assists

TV version of the "slight smile is Allurery," the hit let fresh meat Yang Yang real and fire a, in the play is not only super-school tyrants school grass, or the campus figure, basketball, swimming proficient, plus Telling sister index on the last ten stars, not lost too hard ... TV version of "smile is very Allure" has been broadcast, the play hegemony in the Department of drama and the God of love between the grass-roots class, has let a lot of people who have seen the original heart. Actor Xiaoai and actress Pui slightly because of playing games, from the online "couple" developed into a line of lovers, living a "lover 'play' get married." Yang Yang played is Xiao Nai, a brilliant appearance of God-class character, but also tease sister index of ten stars. Pinch kill face can be used at ease Kill kill + kiss forehead fancy drowsiness Not only one of these classic Qiaotuobu, as God-level figure, is also under the foot in detail, in the play, Yang Yang also wearing a Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT SOLAR watch, red rubber dynamic, not The price of 10,000 yuan is also very much in line with the identity of the play. Yang Yang wearing a TISSOT T-TOUCH EXPERT SOLAR watch Tissot created the touch screen watch in 1999 and is the first brand to launch a solar touch screen watch. The light shining on the dial charges the watch and provides essential daily functions. Not only in the private drama, Yang Yang is also a "small cousin", stylish belt suits or popular steel watch are worn. In "Flowers and Teenagers" Yang Yang behave disposition, a little shy and embarrassing feelings have provoked sister care. Yang Yang watch is the choice of simple wild models, the radar really thin series, thin and wear-resistant ceramic material, the most suitable travel to wear, simple style is not publicity, it is in line with his "spend less" in the positioning. RADO Swiss radar watch thin series watch In addition, as a young fresh meat, sporty favorite style is Yang Yang, who was also wearing Tiger Heuer Tag Heuer Aqua racer 500m watches, in a mix of black, handsome and dynamic. "Aquaracer" is the name of the Aqua and Racer words, on behalf of the diving activities and competition spirit, is a relatively young TAG Heuer series. Classic diving watch shape, 41mm table diameter is very suitable for Asians. 2016 autumn and winter Paris Men's Week Yang Yang to attend a DIorn Homme 2016 spring and summer series of suit suits, Yang Yang soldiers from the original interpretation of the natural handsome, tall and straight. Wear the watch is Dior Chiffre Rouge Series watch C05 watch, an appearance is a tyrant president's style. Yang Yang wear Dior Chiffre Rouge watch series C05 watch Chiffre Rouge first introduced in 2004, through the reinterpretation of the design approach to reproduce the Dior brand full of masculine beauty of the sport. Black, red, asymmetrical or scotch motifs, zigzag bezel, crown at 4 o'clock ChiffreRouge watch designed by DiorHomme design studio, cleverly exquisite watchmaking interpretation of the brand's men's world. Earlier, Yang Yang as the first domestic star torch relay to participate in the Olympic torch relay, the airport street shooting a Rolex DEEPSEA indeed very eye-catching. Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea is a professional diving watch designed for professional marine divers from around the world. Its two-tone surface gradually changes from bright blue to deep black, so as to remember Cameron successfully reaching the deepest part of the earth. . Oyster Perpetual ROLEX DEEPSEA watch the water depth of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet) limit, strongly prove that Rolex in the waterproof watch absolute dominance. Launched in 2008, ROLEX DEEPSEA retains the iconic aesthetics of the Oyster watch and meets the most demanding requirements of professional divers in terms of sturdiness, precision and reliability. This article is reprinted from the Pacific Fashion Network, if you have any questions, please send an email to to contact us.

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