Alliance 3M CBA sports brand force new products

Recently, it came out from Guofei (China) Co., Ltd. that its brand CBA once again reached strategic cooperation with internationally renowned 3M thermal material developer 3M. Based on the two-year cooperation, CBA and 3M continued their deep cooperation. It is reported that in this year's winter products will continue to use the 3M company developed a new type of thermal insulation materials Shinryu products. Public information shows that the full name of 3M Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corporation (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corporation), was established in Minnesota in the United States in 1922, is a diversified multinational companies with a long history, with a wide range of products, determined Innovative and world famous. According to Zhang Wenlong, director of CBA Brand Management Center, after forming strategic partnership with 3M Company, CBA will make extensive use of 3-M insulation material Shin-Shirley products in new winter products. Compared with the traditional thermal insulation material, the thermal insulation of "Shin-Shirley" 1.5 times as much as feather, twice as much as other highly soft insulation materials. "By leveraging 3M, insulation products will be a big selling point for CBA's products this winter." This is also the second time that CBA has re-established cooperation with internationally renowned companies in the near future after Spalding. Zhang Wenlong believes that with more cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises, CBA not only by the endorsement of these internationally renowned enterprises to improve their brand image, but also can learn advanced management experience and technology for CBA in the future of such products Self-development on the bedding.

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