Electronic dictionary of chemical dictionary (software)

This electronic manual is a comprehensive chemical manual. Collected including chemical minerals, metals and non-metals, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, basic organic raw materials, fertilizers, pesticides, resins, plastics, chemical fibers, adhesives, medicines, dyes, paints, pigments, additives, fuels, photosensitive Chinese names, English names, molecular or structural formulas, physical properties, uses and preparation methods of materials, explosives, paper, grease, surfactants, leather, spices and other common chemicals. This software uses full fuzzy retrieval technology, easy retrieval. Version 3.0 adds "Element Periodic Table", "Concentration / Density Lookup Table", "Ionization Constant Lookup Table", "Insoluble Compound Solubility Product Table", etc. on the basis of version 2.0, and classifies the compounds. Query by category. In terms of data, the number of compounds such as pesticides and fertilizers and the content of the compounds are more detailed.

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