Small action has great effect: walking fitness

Sanbu.jpg Still practicing hard to run for fitness? You are out . Scientific exercise, physical exercise can be very simple. Walking is a good way to exercise. Anyone can do this exercise at home or outdoors; they can also take a walk on the way to and from work, or get exercise during shopping and grocery shopping, which is very versatile. Moreover, as long as some small details are changed, walking exercise can play different fitness effects, which is a must-have for health and fitness.

        According to the guidelines published by the US Journal of Prevention , walking 30 minutes a day and maintaining a moderate to fast speed can protect your heart, reduce your body's pain and increase your mood.

If you want to use walking to help you lose weight, you need to burn more calories while walking, and maintain enough strength. Choosing to walk on a mountain road or join a few jogs during the walk is the best solution. If you don't want to go too fast, you need to extend the walking time to 45 to 60 minutes at least 5 days a week , and you can get the same effect.

If the goal of walking exercise is just decompression, you can take a more relaxed approach - take a walk. Take out for half an hour every day, chat with your friends while walking, or bring a pet, or enjoy the scenery, enjoy leisurely, and raise your health.

In addition, scientific research has found that walking in the morning is more beneficial to human health: first, it can make people recover quickly, they are energetic all day, and they do not increase their appetite; secondly, they can improve their work and study efficiency; finally, get up After investing in sports, you can effectively avoid distractions and ensure that exercise can last forever and benefit people for a long time.

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