Taking advantage of the home culture festival, sharing the positive energy of the enterprise

On the 26th of this month, the 2014 China Jinan Home Culture Festival will be launched at the Huangtai Home Plaza. The cultural festival was hosted by Shandong Provincial Home Furnishing Association, Jinan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jinan City Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Tianqiao District People's Government. It is understood that the China·Jinan Home Culture Festival has been held for three consecutive sessions. This year is the fourth year. The theme of this year’s Home Culture Festival is “China Dream·Home Dream”, and the Huangtai Furniture Exhibition will be held at the same time. Two months.

The reporter learned at Huangtai Home that the 4th China Jinan Home Culture Festival includes topics such as “Love Donation”, “My Dreams”, “Home Aesthetics Lecture”, “Home Development Forum” and many other topics. activity. In the "Love Donation" series of activities, we will help poor students by financing special children groups in the Tianqiao District, donating schoolbags, stationery, and book expenses for children to realize their dream of growth. The prize-winning essay activity is based on the theme of "Huangtai Home Cup", which aims to convey the positive energy of the society through the interpretation of people's dreams. The essays are divided into first, second and third prizes. In addition, the home aesthetics lectures and home development forum will also be launched at the same time, aiming to enrich the knowledge of the people's home improvement, expand the development space of the home industry, enhance the brand image of the Jinan home furnishing industry, and promote the development and prosperity of the Jinan home furnishing industry.

Gan Zhenping, general manager of Huangtai Home, said that through this cultural festival, Huangtai Home will further understand the consumer demand of the people. Through the display of home culture, it will continue to absorb more household products that meet the needs of the people, improve the quality of the people's homes, and build a provincial city. Make a contribution to diversifying the home market, promoting home culture, and improving the living standards of the people.

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