"Double 11" 50% off the furniture fear

If you are a diligent "hands-on", you are preparing for "Double 11", then the beautiful sofa, TV cabinet, bedroom four-piece furniture, etc., or do not put it in the shopping cart. Under the joint resistance of 19 home stores, Tmall sent an internal mailing yesterday, indicating that it was forced to terminate the home improvement O2O project. This also means that the furniture manufacturer's 50% madness will be aborted.

This year's "Double 11", Tmall in the car and home improvement two bulk products industry, the first test of water O2O. The so-called O2O is a new sales model from online to offline, that is, the consumer experiences and selects products online, and then pays online to place orders, and then is responsible for delivery, installation, debugging, etc. by offline. In other words, according to Tmall's idea, consumers go to the store to pick up the furniture, then go back to the Internet to find the same type of product to place the prepaid deposit, then go to the store to verify, receive the goods, brush Alipay POS machine to pay off the balance. In this way, it not only solves the problem of large amount of online payment, but also does not appear again in the last year's home "sales champion" into the "return champion".

However, the only thing that didn't benefit from this carnival was the home store. Because the main profit model of the home store is the entry fee plus sales deduction (that is, a certain percentage of the turnover). Especially in the fierce competition in the industry, some stores have reduced the entry fee, the sales inversion has become the main source of income for the store. If consumers are online shopping through Tmall, the store will be a free experience. So, there was a home store to join forces to boycott the storm.

A few days ago, the China Furniture Association Marketing Committee published a "Opinions on Standardizing E-Commerce Work", which stipulated that "the market can not be disguised to make the store become an offline experience place for e-commerce", "without the permission of the store, the trademarks and trade names of the store are not allowed to be used." Promote." The signatures behind the "Opinions" include 19 famous home stores including Real Home, Red Star Macalline, Jisheng Weibang, Jimei, Golden Horse Triumph, and Ouyada.

Last night, the reporter saw in the Tmall "Double 11" furniture channel that the O2O logos of brand stores including Lin's Wood, Shengxiang Floor and Gujia Home have been revoked, but the page is still open at 0:50 on the 11th. exist. For example, the number of followers of Quanyou Home has exceeded 160,000. However, if you follow the store "It is strictly forbidden to install the order for other e-commerce online orders", "It is strictly forbidden to promote on the online price below the store price", it is almost equivalent to "prohibition of selling goods in Tmall". "Whether it is online or offline, manufacturers may have to stand up." An industry insider told reporters that from now on, the "double 11" furniture 50% discount will be ruined.

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