Exploring the secret behind the quality of Gujia home gold medal

——Visit the home factory

For the 9th consecutive year, the gold medal of the International Famous Home Furnishing Exhibition was Gujia; the Tmall Home flagship store ranked the top three in the first three quarters of 2013, with a family of customers; the proportion of consumers who repeatedly purchased Gujia products reached 80%, why Recognized by the profession in the industry, and once again, consumers can regain their favor. There is something different behind this. With these curiosities, Xiao Bian specially went to the location of Gu’s home to find out.

4-5 ideas per day, design is far ahead

With the spirit of excellence as the entrepreneurial spirit, the company attaches great importance to the power of design. There is a team of nearly 100 professional and dynamic designers who are responsible for product design, color research, material matching, technical size and other creative work. Most of them graduate from the Higher Design School of China Academy of Art. Designers tell us that they produce an average of four or five new ideas a day, with more than 100 design awards, with a steady stream of original designs. At present, more than 700 original products have been produced and entered thousands of households. According to reports, Gujia is also the only company in the industry to receive the “China Patent Bonus Award” from the State Intellectual Property Office of China. The award is the highest-ranking award of the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a low-key family. It has always believed that the award won’t let them Stop the pursuit of chasing, they feel that the more important mission is to adhere to high quality standards to bring consumers better products.

The best material combination, the product is absolutely cattle

As the first brand of China's software strength, Gujia has the largest sofa production base in the Asia Pacific region. Under the leadership of the factory owner, we visited the sofa, the soft bed production base, the leather production base and other areas in turn. How to make a set of sofas is clearly displayed in every step. “The quality of the material directly determines the quality, comfort and quality of the sofa,” said the person in charge of the production workshop. The leather sofas in the market are like cow hair, and the quality is uneven. It is very particular about the leather sofa leather. The person in charge of Gujia specially took us to identify the difference between various cortexes. Through personal touch sensing, I found that the first layer of cowhide with grain layer is the best material. The leather pores are delicate, soft and smooth to the touch, and the inner structure is fine and firm, wear-resistant and has good elasticity. According to the introduction, this cowhide is warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for any climate. The leather used by Gujia Home is the best top layer of yellow leather in this leather. In terms of materials used, Gujia will never cut corners. It is the largest enterprise in the whole leather sofa. Of course, the comfort of the sofa is also closely related to the sponge. The density of the home cushion is more than 35, far exceeding the national standard 25 density. The best combination of materials, reasonable ergonomic design, the best comfort.

60000 durability tests, giving you a steady happiness

In addition to comfort, the solidity of the sofa is also very valued by consumers. The inner wooden frame of Gujia sofa is made of northeast larch. The hardness of this wood is better than that of ordinary pine. It is not easy to be deformed and the nails are firm. Gujia also introduced an Italian professional drying room worth 2 million, which made the wood used for each sofa get. High quality guarantee. Rigorous and special reinforcement treatment makes Gujia furniture still steadily tested after tens of thousands of durability tests. Of course, every product of Gujia has to undergo 60,000 durability tests before it can be launched. The products are absolutely cattle.

This time, Xiao Bian really felt the reason why Gu Jiahui won the international home gold medal for 9 years. The top design ability, first-class material selection, first-class craftsmanship, and strong brand power can make Gujia stand out in the era of famous products and be trusted! This is the power behind it.

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