Red apple paint shoulders a healthy mission to create an environmentally friendly furniture paint

According to relevant statistics, in the first half of this year, the entire coatings market has improved compared to the same period last year, especially the furniture paint market. According to industry experts, in the current domestic and international real estate market sales and the national building materials home prosperity index BHI's substantial growth, the furniture paint market in the second half of this year will show a trend of growth and improvement.

However, the current domestic furniture paint brand competition is fierce, and some problems restrict the development of environmentally friendly furniture paint. For example, the quality of furniture paint products on the market is uneven, and high-end products are insufficient. The production capacity of medium and low-end products is excessive and the competition is fierce; some furniture paint enterprises are still relatively extensive in management, and the technical level is relatively low; low-price competition causes market disorder. In order to break this industry pattern, the most fundamental thing is to start from product quality and management. At this point, the famous paint brand red apple paint is in place.

As the saying goes, demand has spawned the market. With the improvement of people's economic living standards, the concept of low-carbon environmental protection and health, the quality of furniture and environmental performance are also highly concerned, and furniture paint as an important raw material of the furniture industry, its performance directly affects the quality level of the furniture industry, so Environmentally friendly furniture paints will get an unlimited market. Under the impetus of this market demand, we have been focusing on the research and production of red apple paint for environmentally friendly furniture paints, increasing technological innovation and tailoring the products according to the needs of different customers.

For more than ten years, Red Apple Paint has always advocated a green, healthy and healthy life, adhering to the concept of health, joy, auspiciousness and environmental protection. "Green products, conscience" is the concept of R&D and production of red apple paint. To make paints, we must be conscience products. These make red apple paint become an environmentally-friendly paint coating with excellent quality, excellent performance and moderate price.

Red apple furniture paint is refined, focusing on the environmental protection of every detail of product production. In the process of production, the quality of the products is strictly controlled, to achieve health, environmental protection, low carbon, the concept of "conscience" is introduced into the research and development of products, to provide consumers with more humanized products and services; In every procedure of production, strict control, using advanced low-carbon energy-saving technology, VOC is lower than the national standard, does not contain formaldehyde and heavy metals harmful to the human body, and guarantees the healthy life of every consumer. Environmental protection is a demand of the current consumer groups, but whether the paint is environmentally friendly should not stay at the slogan level of propaganda, but needs to be implemented in production, using real materials to produce real environmentally friendly paint products, like red apple paint. Manufacturers start from the details, pay attention to the quality of each production process, it is worth learning.

Red apple furniture paint has many varieties such as PU, PE, NC, water-based wood lacquer, and the variety is complete, which can fully meet different needs. All the special paints for furniture produced by red apple paint adopt green environmental protection formula, good filling, excellent leveling, strong adhesion, strong white paint resistance, no discoloration, no yellowing, so that every consumer has a fresh An environmentally friendly home that meets the different needs of every consumer.

In the past ten years, the development of national urbanization and furniture manufacturing has provided a broad market space for furniture lacquer, which has greatly increased the market share of furniture lacquer, but it is followed by fierce competition. Faced with opportunities and challenges, Red Apple Paint will take advantage of the trend, innovation and change; continue to adhere to the industry style of excellence, let the healthy and environmentally friendly water-based paint finishing furniture into thousands of households, and strive to create a professional furniture paint brand.

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