Old furniture "Amoy" out of nostalgia

In Chengdu Honghe second-hand market, antique furniture is unique in one street. This street has a small footprint in the market, but compared with Other second-hand goods in the area, this area has an intuitive highlight: expensive, the day the reporter asked the most expensive piece of old furniture more than 50,000 yuan. On November 2nd, the reporter strolled into the street and walked in the old furniture piles seven or eighty years ago. There was a feeling of turning back time...

A door panel, less than 10,000 not for sale

Honghe second-hand market is the largest second-hand market in Chengdu. On the street of antique furniture, more than a dozen people gathered around the door of a shop. Surrounded by them, it was actually a door that was demolished from old furniture.

Standing on the side of the boss, Lin Housong wiped a towel and gently wiped it on the door panel: "Pay attention, there is a change." The boss's tone is very similar to Liu Qian, who is magic. The reporter leaned closer and stared at the door panel. The deep ripples appeared on it, and it looked like a butterfly's wings. It was beautiful. Lin Housong stood aside, touched his chin and was intoxicated. As the water stains slowly dry, the butterfly wings on the board slowly fade away. "Do you see this process, like painting a landscape painting?" The boss said as he repeated the process, and the butterfly wings fainted again. "What is this principle?" A crowd of people asked curiously. Lin Housong said that this was originally Nanmu, but the texture was different from ordinary Nanmu. This is because after the tree is sick, the veins will form lesions. "This kind of grain can't be found, it can't be copied by humans." "A lot of money?" Someone asked. "Unless 10,000 will not be sold." Lin Housong answered. "Hey! So expensive!" The crowds were amazed. Lin Housong obviously disdains: "You don't understand, we love wood people know."

a style, the collector loves nostalgia

In Lin Housong's shop, there are 200 pieces of old furniture with high and low. From desks, dressers, beds, dining tables, to high back chairs, long benches, wooden windows... everything that a home needs is basically in it.

"This desk is 3,000 yuan, this dressing table is 7,000 yuan, and the cabinet is generally more than 8,000 yuan..." Lin Housong has been engaged in the trading of old furniture for 10 years. Old city transformation, old house demolition, he will find good old furniture. "If you accept these things seven or eight years ago, you can say that it is the price of cabbage." Lin Housong said that many people regard them as waste products and ask if they can help them to carry them away. "We often receive them in rural areas." Old furniture is a style, just like you love the rural style, he loves the American style, and some people love this Chinese nostalgic style." Lin Housong said frankly that the price of old solid wood furniture rose and then rose because of these furniture. There is a style, some people have a market.

However, the reporter was here for one morning and only 20 customers were seen. Most people just can't buy, one is too expensive, and the other is that they can't distinguish the variety. Lin Housong said that there were already many people on Saturday, and most of the buyers had to come back and forth many times. It was impossible to set them at once.

Li Bin, a small couple from Chongqing, looked at a desk, 2,500 yuan was not 包邮, and he had to repair himself. Li Bin told reporters that his home is a Chinese-style decoration, although he can also buy very fine Chinese-style solid wood furniture, but the price is high, and there is no such heavy feeling of old furniture.

"In fact, I can buy antique furniture at a high price. Basically, I love my family." Lin Housong said that such a home has a story, a charm, and a heritage. "It looks like there is still a market."

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