Are the rental industry rushing to the wardrobe industry ready?

<p> In the peak season of “Golden September and Silver 10”, both the real estate industry and the home furnishing industry are “hot in progress”. Frequently, the landlord, such as the price of sesame blossoming, portrays the property market with huge market potential. When the real estate industry held the "Emperor's daughter does not marry" mentality, the high house prices have spurred the rental industry, and there is a big "rental era". The survey shows that the current rent-to-income ratio in China's first-tier cities has reached 40%, and even more than 50% in Beijing.

There is demand for renting, and there is not much market push for the home industry, making people in the home industry anxious about the "rental era" market. Many people in the industry believe that renting a house will weaken the demand of the market, which will make the rigid demand "soften", which is not conducive to the growth of home brands. As a member of the home industry, the overall wardrobe industry will naturally be affected by the "rental" tide. However, the overall wardrobe is different from the bulk commodities such as cabinets. The rental army may be the positive energy of the wardrobe enterprise.

As one of the representatives of custom homes, wardrobes cover furniture, kitchen appliances, kitchen hardware, living appliances, stone, home accessories and many other industries. It can be said that every order in the wardrobe is a small project. The overall wardrobe is essentially different, although both are custom home industries. In addition to measurement and installation, the wardrobe does not involve other home industries, and the wardrobe is a must-have for home life. As Xinya wardrobe Mr. Zhou said: "Whether renting a house to buy a house, the whole wardrobe is waiting for you."

As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and horses to lean on the saddle. Renting a house may not require a wardrobe, no ceiling, but a wardrobe, and a good wardrobe will start a day. When renting a house becomes a trend, the wardrobe enterprises must seize the market demand, let the whole wardrobe close to the "rental" life, and let the rented house have a taste of home. Wardrobe enterprises should pay attention to the pre-sales and after-sales service of products, and ensure more reasonable profits. In the pursuit of wardrobe brand grades, wardrobe enterprises should pay attention to the development of low-end wardrobe products, to seize the mainstream consumption. Groups, let the rental army become the army of demand in the wardrobe market.

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