Cooperation between government and enterprises helps the packaging machinery industry enter the high-end market

[ppzhan Abstract] With the rapid development of the economy, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly and has become the second largest packaging country in the world. However, in terms of variety, quality, new product research and development capabilities and economic benefits, there is a big gap with developed countries. . So now China is moving to a packaging powerhouse. To achieve this change, we must extend our own products to the entire market (high school, low-end market).

In recent years, China's packaging industry has achieved considerable development. As a relatively late start-up industry, China's packaging industry has made great achievements and can basically meet the domestic market demand, but this is to define the market in the low-end market. Packaging basic materials, packaging machinery (food and beverage packaging, plastic film, etc.), which represent the forefront of packaging technology, are still monopolized by developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. The domestic packaging industry mainly has small scale, low level of repeated construction, low industrial concentration; low variety of packaging products, low quality, low technical content; unreasonable product structure, major packaging equipment and raw and auxiliary materials rely heavily on imports; packaging science and technology R&D expenditure is low, innovation capacity is insufficient; packaging waste recycling rate is low.

Now, the state is gradually advancing the implementation of the policy of accelerating the revitalization of equipment manufacturing. In the “Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for Equipment Manufacturing Industry” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is proposed that by 2015, the sales value of equipment will account for more than 20% of the equipment manufacturing industry, and the annual sales value is expected to reach 6 trillion yuan. Among them, intelligent manufacturing equipment is one of the key development directions during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. According to the National Information Center, intelligent manufacturing equipment, which is an important area of ​​equipment, will maintain an annual growth rate of more than 25% during the 12th Five-Year Plan period.

Throughout the country's machinery industry, the development of the packaging machinery market is relatively rapid, vacuum packaging machines, automatic packaging machines, balers, etc. are basically self-sufficient, but China's packaging machinery market is mostly in the low-end market, packaging machinery market is still Faced with a monopoly by foreign products.

At present, no matter whether it is in the domestic market policy support or the current technical level, it is not beneficial to the development of packaging machinery. In general, with the gradual advancement of the country's policy of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry, the development of the general basic manufacturing industry will be further supported. The use of packaging machinery by food processing enterprises will increase the demand for packaging machinery products. However, the feasibility of import substitution of packaging machinery in various sub-sectors of China's food industry is very large, and food packaging machinery needs more policy guidance and scientific research support.

Although the development of the packaging machinery industry is booming, the market demand continues to increase. With the continuous advancement of intelligent manufacturing machinery technology, it gradually presents the characteristics of self-discipline, human-machine integration, sensory recognition, ultra-flexibility, strong learning and self-maintenance. At present, professional and technical personnel are gradually trying to apply intelligent manufacturing machinery to real-world social production, and the role of replacing human resources in welding, palletizing, sorting, docking and high-risk working environments is increasingly apparent, and its speed and speed are high. Features such as long working hours, liberating labor and low-cost operation are increasingly welcomed by the manufacturing industry. However, our country's achievements in this respect are not satisfactory, so if we continue to let it develop, the development prospects of the packaging machinery industry may not be optimistic.

In terms of policy, the state has not enough support for packaging machinery enterprises to compete with foreign products. Domestic packaging machinery enterprises have few opportunities to compete through license trade because of lack of experience in operation and management, and in export and indirect exports. On the other hand, it is not able to control the export market. The feedback of market information is not complete, and it is impossible to adjust the changes in the market in time. These need the power of the state to guide and support.

The excessive dependence of China's packaging machinery on foreign technology has seriously restricted the sustainable and stable development of China's packaging industry. There are many low-level products that are repeatedly produced. These devices are technically difficult, low-cost, and fast-starting. Therefore, many companies will select these devices as "introduction" products to accumulate funds and renew their efforts, but this has resulted in The inevitable repetition of products has also led to the inability to buy, which will naturally affect the renewal of equipment, which will make it difficult to improve the production level.

In terms of the state of the art, there is still a big gap between China's packaging machinery enterprises and foreign companies. Most of China's enterprises have weak technological innovation capabilities. Most of the main core technology sources rely on foreign countries, so they are also subject to people's development. Due to the obvious gap between domestic enterprises in the development of product technology and some developed companies abroad, the domestic research funds and research and development funds are seriously insufficient, which further restricts the improvement of technology level. The lack of high-tech talents is also the reason for restricting technological upgrading. .

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the goal of the packaging machinery industry is to achieve intelligent and information-based control of key mainstream products, especially to achieve intelligent control of the machine and remote. In recent years, with the fierce market competition and the development of information industrialization, intelligent manufacturing of packaging machinery has become a necessity to meet the needs of today's packaging industry. Then it is even more so in the market. Therefore, if China wants to enter the packaging machinery market, it must take packaging technology research and development as an important task in the economic development of the packaging industry, and support it in policy. Secondly, packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers must increase investment in research and development, produce products with excellent quality, and form well-known independent enterprises. Brands support the healthy development of China's packaging industry.

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