N invisible doors super-pull 80 after 92 flat black and white red small wedding room

The overall style of our home is modern and simple. The living room and restaurant area are hard and black and white, and the soft clothes are mainly red. The main bedroom area is not so tough, with gold + a little bit of small luxury, very warm.

design diagram

The left side is the original picture, the red part is the place where you can't knock, it's all pipes. The one we hate most is the few in the toilet area, which made us rack our brains. On the right is the design drawing, which has been modified as follows:

1. The door to the balcony in the living room continues to be preserved, but moves to the right to increase the space of the TV background wall. (We have repeatedly discussed whether it is necessary to seal the balcony door here, the TV wall is right, and the air conditioner has a place, but Taking into account the seal, the father-in-law has to go from the master bedroom to the balcony, which is relatively inconvenient, so it is retained);

2. The bathroom shower area is moved outside, the toilet is displaced, the dry area is enlarged, the original north-south direction is northwestward, and the use space is increased. Two people can also stand at the same time. The original toilet door is sealed out, and the storage cabinet is added to increase the storage space;

This change, we feel super perfect, avoid the water pipe, increase the dry space, and increase the storage space, this may be we can not think of a lifetime, SO perfect;

3. The kitchen flue is used as a cabinet to pack off the flue and increase the storage space. At the same time, the kitchen has used the balcony because it was originally large.

The original design was L-shaped. Finally, after repeated research, we decided to determine the U-shape. At the same time, we changed the direction of the gas;

4. The wall of the study room is moved outside, the area of ​​the walkway is not used, and the direction of the door is redirected to make the north and south ventilate.

Master bedroom

First come to show the master bedroom, the whole style may be a little bit different, a little bit cumbersome, but I like it very much.

TV backdrop

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