Problems with the print output layout

Output publishing has many difficulties:

1 Black version of the problem of hollow

After the black version was hollowed out, the black text did not directly press against the background color, and there was a white appearance around the text strokes. Because the text is reflected on each color plate, plus the change in the temperature of the printing shop, the paper will expand and contract, making overprinting inaccurate and affecting the printing effect. In order to avoid this phenomenon, when publishing, you should choose not to empty or black imprint in the corresponding options.

2RGB mode to CMYK mode

The consequence of this is that on the color separation sheet there is only a grayscale map with the equivalent of four colors on the black plate, rather than the desired color map. So be sure to check before posting that the image in the layout is in CMYK mode. In addition, we must also pay attention to, in Photoshop in the map processing, and merge the layers, be sure to delete the channel. Otherwise, image information will be missing when publishing.

3 bold font problem

This problem appears in Freehand and Pagemaker. If Freehand's Chinese font uses heavy, most cases will produce a paste word when a film is produced; while in PM Chinese uses bold, it must be a toothed overlap word. There are also problems with other font effects in PM. To avoid the above problems, the first step is to use the text in the corresponding bold text. For example, choose bold song or big black. If there is no corresponding bold text, you can use fillandstroke in Freehand. However, there is an experience that the size of the word can not exceed 3% of the original size. If the font itself is thick, the proportion is even smaller.

4 black overprint with gray net

If there is a gray net when overprinting, objects under the gray net will pass through. Others should also note that overprinting is specified in the file because the current version of the software does not see which objects were overprinted. The solution to this problem is to add 1% yellow when defining grey.

Misuse of 5JPEG compression format

The consequence is that there is an image on the screen and the output is missing. The solution is to save it back to TIFF or EPS format in Photoshop.

6 map zoom problem

Now, the layout software is very convenient for zooming, but the cost is double the output time. Therefore, be sure to set the size and resolution in the image processing software and then put it into the layout software.

7 Misuse of DCS format

This will produce three different consequences. First, there are plans for black and white printouts, but there are no plans for the output of the film; second, when the color is printed, the color image is changed to a black and white image. Third, although the print is a color image, it is very rough.

The reason for the occurrence of phenomenon 1 is that there is only the main document at the time of output, but there is no separation document; secondly, the main document only contains the grayscale image of the low solution force; and the main document only contains the color image of the low solution force. Therefore, do not use the DCS format unless you have a particularly good reason or have a particularly good understanding of DCS.

8 Misuse of EPS with net

The consequence is that when the output is on a network cable, there are some pictures on the film that are not correct. The reason for this problem is that when the image is stored in the EPS format, the screening information is selected. Therefore don't feel free to move this option when saving EPS. Of course, the EPS band network function can achieve some special effects, such as line network effect or intentionally using different network lines in the same plane to achieve a special purpose.

9 wrong use of "pattern - pattern" filling tool

Freehand has a pattern fill feature that fills a regular pattern with a regular pattern. Such patterns are dot-matrix. The older levelIRIP imagesetter does not support this filled output, and the level II imagesetter can output. But one thing to note is that you can't set a color other than the field. If you try to set a color of M30% and Y30%, although they are all displayed on the screen, the output must be 100% large red for M and Y.

10 questions about fonts

Sometimes the lack of fonts on the machine led to fewer words on the film. This requires the preparation of the design and production first, turning the text into a curve or path. If the text has special effects, it should be effected before it is turned into a curve or path.

When inputting words, please also pay attention to using GB input method and Chinese characters in GB inner code. The numbers and English characters are in English. When the software has text left-right alignment, try not to use spaces to move words. If you must use spaces, use English spaces. Be careful with punctuation. Chinese simplified punctuation is below the character. Traditional Chinese punctuation is in the middle of the character.

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