What to do if the CNC engraving machine sticks the knife during processing

Anyone who has used a CNC engraving machine knows that the phenomenon of sticking knives of machined parts often occurs during the processing, so it is inexplicable, so today Carved Carving will help you analyze the specific reasons.

The phenomenon of sticking the knife is also divided into the material of the processed parts. As the name implies, wood will definitely not stick to the knife. Sticky knives can be divided into two cases: the first case is that the material melts on the tool, this phenomenon generally occurs in non-metallic materials, the main reason is that the cutting heat is large, causing the material to melt. The solutions are:

â‘ Replace sharp knives, sharp knives can reduce cutting heat;

â‘¡ Increase the feed speed, the feed speed is increased, the time that the tool stays at a position is reduced, so that the cutting heat received by the unit volume of material is reduced, and the melting of the material is avoided;

â‘¢Reducing the spindle speed, lowering the spindle speed correspondingly reduces the cutting linear speed, thus reducing the generation of cutting heat. It can prevent the material from melting.

The second situation is that the material part melts and sticks to the tool. This phenomenon is mainly found in the processing of metal materials. Especially when the steel is processed in the city, the main reason is the excessive cutting heat and the cutting speed. The solutions are:

â‘ Adjust the spindle speed and increase the spindle speed;

â‘¡ Reduce the feed speed;

â‘¢Improve the cooling method, change the position where the coolant is applied, and add it to the position where the cutter cuts out, which has a better cooling effect.

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