PS screen printing machine to pay attention to the problem of screen

The offset screen index first needs to be solved is the screen angle problem. The so-called screen angle refers to the acute angle of the angle between the center line of the dot and the horizontal line. When printing in monochrome, a screen angle of 45 degrees is often used. At this time, the visual effect is best. When multi-color overprinting, due to the regular overlapping of dots, moiré will occur. The way to avoid the occurrence of moiré is to use the screen angle of the maximum angle difference for the four-color printing film. In general, the main color is set at 45 degrees for four-color printing, and the screen angles for other colors are different by 30 degrees;

For manuscripts based mainly on people, the observation center of people is mainly concentrated on the face, which is very sensitive to the difference in color and level of the face. Magenta should be set as the main tone, and the screening angle is set to 45 degrees. 90, 75;

For landscape-oriented originals, the hue is mainly green, and the screen angle of cyan should be set to 45 degrees, which reveals the picture characteristics of natural mountains and beautiful water. The screen angles of other colors are arranged as follows: CMYK takes 45, 15, 90, 75. Although setting the screen angle of the main tone helps to express the main features of the original, it is important to use the proper color sequence when printing. If the main color is not printed in a later position, the color of the post-print will cover it, which is caused by the opacity of the ink.

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