China has mastered the key technologies for the development of small mass spectrometers

It has been learned from the Chinese Academy of Metrological Sciences that the Institute, in conjunction with Tsinghua University and other units, has completed the 8-year project of "Key Technology Innovation and Development of Complete Machines for Small Mass Spectrometers", which won the second prize of the 2010 National Science and Technology Progress Award. This project conquered the core technologies and key components of the mass spectrometer, successfully developed 6 mass spectrometers and their R & D technology platforms including laboratory mass spectrometry, vehicle mass spectrometry, biological mass spectrometry, and small portable mass spectrometers, and implemented quadrupole mass spectrometers The industrialization of China has opened a new situation in China's mass spectrometry business. Among them, 3 core technological achievements are the first in the world, and 3 achievements have reached the international advanced level, filling the domestic gap.

A mass spectrometer is an instrument that ionizes material particles (atoms, molecules) into ions, separates them by an appropriate electric or magnetic field, and detects its intensity for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Due to the nature of direct measurement and the characteristics of high resolution, high sensitivity, large throughput, and high accuracy, mass spectrometers have an irreplaceable role in the fields of life science, material science, food safety, environmental monitoring, medical health, national security, etc. And a pivotal position. In recent years, with the rapid development of mass spectrometry technology at home and abroad, the market demand for mass spectrometers has grown rapidly, and it has become the most important instrument in the field of analysis.

In China, due to the "hollowing out" of the core technology of mass spectrometers, the domestic mass spectrometer market has been monopolized by foreign companies, which limits innovation in related fields. With the support of the National Science and Technology Support Program and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Chinese Academy of Metrological Sciences carried out research in this area in 2002.

It is understood that the research group started with an open mass spectrometer research experiment platform, key technologies and key components, broke through the foreign technical blockade, solved the bottleneck problem that has long plagued China's mass spectrometer research and independent manufacturing, and established a number of internationally advanced levels. Patented technology, and proposed three important inventions to fill the international gap in the key core areas of mass spectrometers-mass analyzer and ion source: the first proposed "based on a multi-electrode structure that can independently adjust the RF voltage to balance the mechanical error band New ideas for the development of two mass analyzers, "high-order field" and "approximately perfect electric field by mechanical shape approximation", are the first to propose a new method and device for low-temperature plasma ionization using dielectric barrier discharge technology. At present, based on 6 open mass spectrometer R & D technology platforms, 3 types of mass spectrometer process prototypes have entered the stage of product technology.

The key technological innovation of small mass spectrometers and the development of the whole machine have broken the monopoly of the core key technologies in the field of mass spectrometers in developed countries, changed the backward development of domestic mass spectrometry instruments, and driven the leapfrog development of China's mass spectrometer industry. Safety, life sciences, biosecurity, aerospace science and technology play an important supporting role.

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