Evaluation: Wen Wen Er Ya Philips bright LED table lamp

With the progress of the times, people's daily work and study have all been transferred to the desk. Since childhood, they have been exposed to a variety of textbooks and they have never been able to leave. Night reading until late at night, work until the early hours of the morning, every day. I don't know if anyone is worried about it. Although it is just a common light, it may become the most crucial part of your career and life.

Sitting in the dim light for a long time, I always know that the damage to people's eyes is very big, plus many people do not care about this small light, and then ignore their own health, and in order to ensure learning and work The quality, first of all, is to eliminate any repressed emotions, we must use a good attitude to face, the bright LED table lamp brings people refreshing will definitely benefit a lot.

The elegant appearance of the table lamp of Philips' colorful LED series is just a means to attract eyeballs, but it has attractive charm. On the slender pole, a bright white light bulb looks out from afar. The light in the air guides the road in front of the owner. The whole table lamp is streamlined and reflects the gentle attitude of the owner.


As far as practicality is concerned, it can completely kill any other table lamp that rivals it, and only Philips will do it with such care. With its own research and development technology, the three LEDs are combined in an aluminum composite material shell. In the middle, the designer's carefully planned construction scheme is combined with the advanced principles of illumination to reasonably adjust the angle of incidence of light and the effect of floodlighting, so that you don't have to worry about your eyes because you have been studying for too long.

Moreover, in order to let everyone have an elegant learning and working space, as long as you open this light while learning, other light sources can rest, a new generation of cool white high-power LED, 4000K color temperature, enough to give you the most Warm, high-quality, elegant work and study environment, so that you can maintain a good mental state at any time, whether you are working or studying, improve the quality of study and work.

With a continuous life of 20,000 hours, it supports 13,000 cycles of use, and the theoretical service life is 20 years, so you don't have to consider the damage or replacement parts when using. 49.5cm * 20cm * 48.7cm of the use of space, 2.440 kg of weight, is it very convenient? In addition, the technology that reduces energy consumption to 20% compared to similar products can be achieved by anyone.

Work and study are important, but we should be more responsible for ourselves, protect ourselves, and pay attention to our own family. Although it is just a light, it can give us more power, still an ordinary light. , bringing people really extraordinary experience and feelings, Philips colorful LED series table lamp, designed to add luster to your life!

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