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Experiencing the fun of sports in outdoor activities, releasing stress and pent-up in the inner core of sports is one of the reasons why so many outdoor sports enthusiasts love outdoor sports. In order to be able to enjoy true comfort in the outdoors and get a truly pleasant feeling, having good equipment has become an essential condition. Whether you can get real comfort on your feet, plays a key role in outdoor sports. Here, the Greenfield Outdoor Network introduces outdoor walking shoes from the TOREAD Pathfinder to many outdoor enthusiasts. TOREAD outdoor walking shoes have the functions of shock absorption, anti-slip, wear resistance and breathability. They are suitable for wearing in a variety of outdoor sports. The walking shoes using T-FOAM technology materials are more comfortable to wear. The TOREAD walking shoes in four colors of lead gray, pink, light gray blue and medium gray are available at a price of RMB 499.

TOREAD three shock hiking shoes

TOREAD three shock hiking shoes side show

TOREAD hiking shoes pink

Insole--The TOREAD hiking shoes are designed with an innovative design to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a more comfortable fit. TOREAD uses T-FOAM insoles on this hiking shoe, which is made of porous PU FOAM material. Different from traditional EVA materials, PU FOAM has better compression resistance. This kind of performance can avoid the phenomenon of collapse due to long-term stepping on the soles of shoes. The open mesh structure design can adapt to the characteristics of sweat glands on the soles of the feet. Even if the sweat produced after the soles of the feet is exhausted, it has excellent air permeability, ensures the cool air of the feet, and thus has the effect of perspiration and antibacterial, creating a refreshing inner environment for the feet.

Sole - A three-stage shock absorber system is used on the sole of the TOREAD hiking shoe to reduce the impact on the body during exercise and bring a comfortable experience. Even if you are doing relatively intense exercise outdoors, you don’t need to worry about any unnecessary damage to the body or your feet due to large-scale movements. This increases the safety during the exercise and at the same time makes you feel carefree. Outdoor sports fun.

TOREAD hiking shoe sole design

Uppers - The uppers of hiking shoes are made of polymer three-layer mesh material, which has good air permeability and abrasion resistance. The good breathability can promptly remove the sweat from the shoes and replace the dry air, thus ensuring the freshness and dryness of the shoes. Excellent wear resistance enhances the overall toughness of the upper, while also increasing the life of the shoe. The polymer three-layer mesh material has a good performance, but also can provide a more comfortable environment for the feet. The grain surface wear-resistant microfiber upper is equipped with a waist shape, which provides a full range of protection for both feet during outdoor sports and prevents any damage to the feet during sports.

Toe cap and heel - The toe cap has a crash-resistant design that enhances the firmness of the shoe and also protects the safety of movement between the feet or on the go. The back of the heel is designed to be able to tighten the heel during exercise, thereby improving the comfort of wearing. A lifting shoe ring is provided on the upper end of the heel, which is more convenient to wear and is also convenient for washing and hanging.

TOREAD hiking shoe toe and lace system

Tie - TOREAD uses a traditional pattern of lace system on the hiking shoes, convenient and practical. A shoelace fixing ring is set in the middle of the shoelace to strengthen the connection between the tongue and the shoelace, enhance the stability of the shoe tongue, prevent the entry of sand more effectively, and ensure that the shoe is clean and tidy. The lifting ring on the tongue and the heel part echo each other and is more convenient to wear.

The comfort on both feet can guarantee that the body and mind are not easily fatigued in outdoor sports, so it is very important to have a pair of outdoor shoes with good performance. TOREAD outdoor walking shoes, using innovative and comfortable design, not only provides comfortable space for both feet, but also good perspiration breathability also guarantee the comfort of the feet after exercise. For those who love outdoor sports and want to get a relaxed and comfortable hiking experience, you should immediately cast your attention.

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