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KAILAS ultra-thin ultra-light wear-resistant colorful casual 14L backpack display
Kaile Stone launched a new ultra-thin and ultra-light wearable colorful casual 14L backpack, exquisite portable design, easy to carry, the back of a small pocket reverse into a backpack storage bag, 14L backpack can be compressed into a wallet size. The price of this portable backpack on Taobao is $55. Provide relevant parameters of the product for reference by donkeys. Very good, in short.

Kaile Stone Backpack

Ultralight colorful leisure backpack

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Ultra-thin, ultra-light, wearable, colorful and casual 14L backpack parameters:
Product Number: KG807112
Outdoor bag capacity: 20 liters or less outdoor bag material: Nylon carrying system: Other sizes: length and width = 35*24*7cm
Weight: 0.09KG Recommended weight 9KG
Origin: China Market Price: 68
Color Classification: sand yellow dark red rose red dark purple dark orange orange yellow carbon eye green green moss green khaki green coffee peacock blue dark blue color blue by use points: general camping / trekking system structure: soft bag (light, day Back)
For the crowd: Neutral brand: Kailas / Kaile stone

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