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The outbreak of SARS has given a lot of room for the development of hand sanitizer. In recent years, the frequent occurrence of various types of epidemics has also allowed the hand sanitizer to grow at a rate of 15% every year. Many people think that the liquid soap market is limited and it is unlikely to grow indefinitely in the future. After our investigation into the market, we believe that there is still a lot of prospects for the hand sanitizer market to be tapped. From the current white-collar elite consumer groups to elites of all ages.

For the hand sanitizer bottle market, with the development of the market, annual orders for sanitizer bottles have been increasing in recent years. With the improvement of living standards, people begin to use soaps to make further changes to hand sanitizers. We believe that the prospects of hand sanitizer bottles are worth looking forward to. In addition, for the development of hand sanitizers for specific groups such as children and the elderly, it is necessary to make certain adjustments for hand sanitizer bottles in the future. For the baby hand sanitizer bottle, we think it needs to be more cartoonish and cute, more in line with the baby's preference. For older hand sanitizer bottles, the design of the spray pump should make it easier for the hand sanitizer fluid to flow out. Make as much as possible on the bottle shape for the elderly.

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