Blind area that is easily overlooked: Plate flushing

Plate flushing is a blind spot that is most easily overlooked. Customers can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment purchases while ignoring important flushing steps. Lessons learned in this area are not too few. Many problems stem from improper flushing, such as dropping. Net, non-inking, bottom ash, density of printed materials on both sides are inconsistent, scratches, uneven gradients, dirty spots, etc. There are customers who have not even washed the plate for half a year, crystallizing, cracking of the rollers, scratching of the plate, poor circulation, and a great disparity in temperature between the left and right sides.

Plate machine parameters and setting issues, such as: temperature, circulation, excessive flushing, proportion of liquid medicine, refill volume, circulating filter element, washing, gluing, cleaning the roller regularly to prevent crystal scaling, scratches, and after the holiday Points to start and so on, the basic parameters of the flushing section can not be set arbitrarily, need to pay attention to a lot of content:

(1) Temperature, speed, concentration and brush speed are a combination of different plate materials have corresponding impact resistance (anti-alkaline), the concentration of the rinse solution must be in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers, rinse fluid can not be mixed, more There is no so-called universal rinse solution.

(2) In order to save money, arbitrarily reduce the ratio of flushing fluid, reduce the dynamic and static replenishment volume, not on the protective rubber, cycle water washing does not cycle is simply a cylinder of water for several days, these are not ways to save production costs, On the contrary, it is counter productive production risks. To promote environmental awareness of water conservation, we should not waste much of the aluminum version of environmental protection costs at this moment.

(3) The flushing link is not a system adjustment link, and the bottom ash cannot be warmed up. The bottom ash may be gone, but excessive flushing can bring new problems such as losing screen, not inking, and losing levels.

(4) There is a filter link for the rinsing solution and the water wash, and the filter element should be changed for changing the medicine, and the filter element should be changed after a large amount of publication. Some people want to save money, wash the filter element with water, or simply do not use the filter element. A filter is only more than 10 yuan, the version can not wipe off with a dirty stop, how much is a supplement? Why is it painful to save 10 yuan in the province and waste 2 copies of the press and also get on the press?

(5) Thoroughly clean the rubber rollers regularly to prevent crystallization from scaling, and periodically check the brush pressure to adjust the wear. If the layout is scratched, locate the corresponding roller to thoroughly clean the crystallization point. Before cleaning the plate processor, you must first cover the LCD panel with water, if the water is not going to go with the silver in your pocket. Import two plastic sticks to keep clean and clean every day. Please pay attention to the direction of the rubber sleeve when cleaning the glue stick. The left, right, and up and down positions must be replaced as they are. If there is crystallization, please do not use a wire ball or the like to wipe, can be soaked with a special cleaning solution or oxalic acid, and then sponge cleaning.

(6) Protective plastic nozzle If there is coagulation and clogging, it must be thoroughly washed with hot water. Protective gels, like flushing fluids, cannot be mixed. If you change a different brand, be sure to clean the tank. It's best to clean and replace the protective gel every week, and it will be troublesome if they become frozen.

(7) After the equipment has been idle for a period of time, the first piece of equipment can be restarted with a discarded version, and the second sheet is washed again. This will avoid many unexpected troubles.

(8) Observe the liquid level on a regular basis. If there is a refrigeration unit to observe the liquid level of the coolant, the flushing of the thermal plate requires a relatively high temperature, especially when the ambient temperature in the summer is higher than the liquid temperature. The relative constant temperature of the liquid is not inferior to the plate making quality. Therefore, the actual temperature and temperature difference of the liquid medicine should be measured with a thermometer, and the normal state of heating and circulation should be maintained.

(9)Before the holidays, be sure to release the liquid inside the machine, add clean water after cleaning, open the cover, and make sure that the water source and power supply are turned off.

(10) When changing the syrup and changing the glue, be sure to turn off the drain switch and confirm it! Then pour the liquid into the tank. It's not uncommon to waste a few buckets of medicine in the sewer.

(11) The drying stick must be kept clean, otherwise the drying impressions imprinted on the layout will be found on the printed sheets.

(12) The function of the brush is very important. It also needs to be cleaned regularly. The height of the medicine should exceed the brush, otherwise there will be a lot of annoying bubbles.

(13) Do not pull hard after the card, be sure to protect the rubber roller from being scratched. After the power is turned off, manually reverse the roller to eject the plate, or remove the plate after cutting it with scissors. Regular card version, if it is a deviation card, it may be the installation of the rubber roller or single side wear; if the large version of the card is not a small card, the relative position of the guide frame and the rubber roller may be improperly adjusted; if it is a card angle, the channel may be fixed Point resistance.

(14) Each type of plate and syrup parameters need to be recorded. The sensitivity of the media, CTP exposure power, and the parameters of the plateetter can only be achieved when these three items are combined and tested. Therefore, each type of plate (the demanding requirement is the same brand with different batches) needs to be Before use: Plate curve correction. The stencil machine setting parameters to be recorded are: speed: **s, brush speed: ** rpm, dynamic replenishment: ** ml, static replenishment: ** ml, temperature: ** °C, drying temperature: * * °C, standby operation time: ** s, standby speed: ** m / min, glue spraying time: ** s and so on.

In a large number of market installations and years of service work, experience the entire process of customer production and use, see too many want to save money but wasting huge things, just want to give you some ideas for improvement, but also by enumerating some experience Lessons, give everyone a reminder to avoid risks.

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