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All-Friends Furniture has grown from a small workshop to one of the largest panel furniture companies in the country today. All-Friends furniture reflects the development track of China's private economy for more than 20 years of reform and opening up. All-Friends Furniture is the first furniture brand in the country to be promoted in cctv. It is the first to introduce ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has passed ISO14001 environmental management body series certification, OSHMS occupational health and safety management system certification, CQC China quality environmental protection product certification. China Green Product Awards, Sichuan Famous Brands, Sichuan Province Exemption Products, National Quality Credit Tracking Products, and Chengdu City's Anti-counterfeiting and Premium Protection Enterprises have all built their own legends in the industry.

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In the office of the chairman of the all-friends and family, in the face of these numerous achievements made by the reporters, Zhang Youquan said faintly: Those are the past, and the trust and affirmation of leaders, people and consumers at all levels. But no company will lie on the honor to talk about development. The future of all friends is not only here.

Just like Ren Zhengfei of the year, an article published on the Internet, "Women's Winter", warned Huawei people from a huge sense of accomplishment. "What we do is a century-old store, and the tree is a national brand." In just two sentences, it reveals the future of all-you-you, and it has also brought all new friends into a new journey.

Second venture, build the first brand

In 2004, it was the most crucial year for the Chinese furniture industry. According to China's commitment to join the WTO, the furniture industry will be fully open on January 1, 2005. China's fragile and backward furniture industry will face a cruel baptism. How to revitalize the national industry? How do domestic companies achieve internationalization? How to compete with international capital on the same stage? These are the issues that every furniture entrepreneur should seriously consider.

“Ordinary people wait for opportunities, and excellent people create opportunities.” In early 2004, in the face of increasingly fierce competition between the international and domestic markets, Quanyou’s furniture bravely put forward the “full implementation of the second venture and the creation of the first brand of national furniture”. Strategic development goals.

Subsequently, a series of corresponding measures were introduced. Talent Development Plan: Extend hundreds of outstanding talents from the province, including some middle and senior management talents to join all friends.

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