The inspection and quarantine department should respond to the barriers to the export of furniture.

It is reported that the EU timber and wood products regulations and new environmental design directives aimed at restricting the export of wooden furniture in China have been formally passed. The commodity inspection department of Heze City, Shandong Province reminds export enterprises to pay close attention to and study countermeasures.

The new EU regulations require all manufacturers on the timber production and processing chain to submit basic information on the legality of timber sources, such as timber origin, country and forest, wood volume and weight, log supplier name and address, illegal timber and Wood products will be severely punished. Wood products such as furniture are one of the few large export commodities in Heze City. The EU is also the main market for the export of wooden furniture in Heze City. The implementation of the EU new timber trade regulations will definitely have a certain impact on the export of European wood products.

The EU is like this, and the United States is the same. Faced with more and more international barriers, the furniture export industry has been severely frustrated. As early as last year, the reporter learned from the Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that from January to June last year, a total of 9,919 batches of furniture were exported through inspection and quarantine, with a value of US$203.16 million, down 57% and 49% year-on-year. The export situation is not optimistic. For Zhongshan Wood Furniture Co., which is mainly exported to Europe and the United States, it will face a more stringent test from July 1st. The most stringent formaldehyde standard bill in the history of the United States will take effect from July 1. At present, there are 300 wood furniture enterprises in Zhongshan.

The inspection and quarantine department recommended that all export enterprises should seriously study the regulations, not only to objectively evaluate the resistance they bring, but also to find out the countermeasures under the new regulations. For the new EU regulations, enterprises should ensure that the source of raw materials and materials in the wood products are legal, and that the basic information such as the legality of wood products is complete. Relevant enterprises should improve the production chain of products, improve the environmental standards of materials, and optimize the production process.

Relevant enterprises should thoroughly study and analyze the relevant contents of the new US bill, accurately grasp the formaldehyde emission limit standards and implementation deadlines for various products specified in the new bill, scientifically adjust the export product categories and production plans, and pay close attention to other countries. Follow-up measures taken. At the same time, enterprises should strengthen the management of raw materials, re-evaluate suppliers, purchase national standard E0 or CARB certified PII raw materials, and environmentally friendly adhesives to ensure the quality and safety of raw materials.

For the production and supplier of artificial board raw materials, it is necessary to speed up the research and development of new technologies, promote the application of new low-toxic or non-toxic environmentally friendly adhesives, improve product quality, convert current difficulties into opportunities, seize the market, and promptly export. Wood furniture manufacturers provide raw materials that meet foreign standards.

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