AF1PremiumLe looking for Baltimore track

Also AF1, as the flagship product of this year AF1 released frequently new, this is the Baltimore series in the city series. Baltimore in the city series of piled up a total of 6 pairs of shoes, because the last one did not wander in the domestic market, so I do not know whether these things listed in the country.
This accessory I saw in Niketown, in-kind feeling than the picture above a lot of beautiful, at least the feeling of the cortex to be more detailed, look at the full name only to find that it is also a pair AF1 PREMIUM, after all, Is not a false name.
The British basically belong to the realm of basketball blind, NIKETOWN basketball shoe area in London, in addition to a few pairs of AJ and a pair of LBJ4, all AF1, domestic hot white and brown six head AF1 and white SUPREME are Lying there quietly, for friends like AF1 is a good thing.
White and brown this year in the AF1 is quite common, although the AF1 many color and color with a lot of very avant-garde style, but for most people, still need some simple low-key feeling, so this AF1 is enough to meet this The demand.

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