Shandong furniture new standard wood furniture needs to have a permanent logo

Recently, two mandatory local standards of Shandong Province, “Wooden Furniture Production (Commerce) Product Labeling” and “Redwood Furniture Production (Commerce) Product Labeling” have been completed, and the opinions are now open to the public. According to the two standards, each piece of independent wood furniture must have a permanent product logo. All solid wood furniture and solid wood furniture should be provided with the same wood as the product for consumer identification.

In these two mandatory local standards, the identification of wood furniture and mahogany furniture (commercial) products has been clearly defined. Whether it is wood furniture or mahogany furniture, the name, type and quality grade of the main facing materials should be clearly marked according to the decorative materials used, such as the name of the paint, at least the name, type and quality level. Furniture production (commercial) products shall also indicate the measured value of toxic and hazardous substances on the label, and the limit of toxic and hazardous substances shall be marked according to the test value of the factory inspection.

Enterprises without factory inspection capability shall be subject to the type test report, entrusted inspection report and supervision and spot check report issued by the statutory inspection agency within the validity period.

Every piece of independent mahogany furniture and wood furniture must have a permanent product logo. The product identification can be fixed or hung in place for easy identification. Mahogany furniture, solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture should be provided with the same wood as the product, the specification is 50×50×10 (mm), and the sample should have traceable materials and materials, Latin. Information such as text for consumer identification.

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