For whitening, the concept of skin care in the West is very different.

India's "Economic Times" recently published an article about the Chinese cosmetics industry. Originally titled "Chinese consumers who are obsessed with white skin bring profits to cosmetics companies", the article mentioned that in China, "white faces are full of Chinese hit TV series, white-skinned Chinese models appear in magazines, billboards and movie advertisements. In local stores, brochures with white-faced faces compete for counter space." The Chinese are extremely keen on the “whitening” of the skin. This deep-rooted concept has always been the commercial foundation of the cosmetics industry.

Beauty black

Contrary to the concept of “one white and ugly”, Western and European people with natural white skin have a special liking for “black”: the tanned skin color represents young and beautiful, full of charm. For the "Medical" people, enjoying the kiss of the sun in nature, the skin presents a healthy wheat or honey color, this process can make the body produce vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium, is the first choice for nutrition and beauty.

The whirlwind of the United States and the United States swept the world, and the phenomenon was also illustrated from the side: Westerners did not catch a lot of high-tech cosmetics for bottles and cans, and the skin care concept of nutrition and skin care was being accepted and recognized by more people. Whitening products are a key part of the Chinese skin care market, accounting for almost 30% of the entire Chinese skin care market; however, in the US skin care industry, nutritional skin care does not pursue immediate and exaggerated product efficacy, but rather focuses on the skin cells themselves. The repair function, through the addition of nutrients, allows the skin cells to restore the natural effects of oxygen and hydration, thereby delaying the aging of the skin and rejuvenating the natural vitality.

In China's beauty salons, “whitening” is a classic sign; in the United States, there are a variety of “black salons”, which usually provide guests with sun beds, sun lamps, and sun spray services. Let people who are passionate about natural skin care experience it. In the top skincare clubs like VIIIdentityClub, in addition to the natural tanning service, the world's top dermatologists and members also tailored a professional nutrition and skin care program, and added oxygen from the high-oxygenated plants. The essence helps repair the oxygen supply chain of the cells, thereby restoring cell activity and achieving the purpose of delaying aging.

Top skin care custom brand

American top skin care custom brand VII

At present, the Chinese cosmetics industry is in a period of rapid development. When the natural “tanning” and nutrition skin care styles are gradually blowing to China, is the Chinese cosmetics market that is in line with international standards and taking an international route, is it also beginning to reverse the wind direction and lead the next round of new skin beauty trends? In the nutrition and beauty market, the rumor of the top skin care custom brand VII in the United States is going to land in China, but it is always late and difficult to trace. The market is full of sounds, nutrition, health, and natural health care should be the concept of never falling behind. We expect that nutrition and beauty can bring surprises to Chinese beauty lovers.

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