Update and make up the gorgeous make-up

Winter has come unconsciously, not only the skin care products need to be swept away, but also the cosmetics needs to be updated! If netizens don't have a clear direction, there will be a blessing today, let the editors give you some recommendations, super cost-effective! Good makeup will make you a whole new look, come a gorgeous big change!

Beauty Director: Zhong Yufang

Update and make up the makeup

Recommended reason: This product is highly recommended because it adjusts even skin tone and nourishes the skin. Rich texture, leaving skin perfectly smooth and shiny. Long-lasting and firm anti-aging, restores youthful vitality.

Recommended products: Givenchy nourishing liquid foundation

Update and make up the makeup

Reference price: 650 yuan / 25ml

The first professional-grade foundation liquid with nourishing essence, contains golden proportion essence, nourishes and repairs skin from deep intelligent nourishment, lasting and firming anti-aging: 3D light and shadow technology, instant plastic, creating the ultimate of “no mask” Natural makeup.

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