Star party makeup learning

Let's take a look at how the stars have created their party's perfect makeup and made themselves a well-deserved PARTY QUEEN.


Leighton Meester

Personalized purple smoked red lip makeup:

Unexpectedly, our QUEEN B will also present such an eye-catching personality. Use a large purple eye shadow to sweep the upper and lower eye sockets, and use a golden eyeliner to draw near the eyelids, highlighting the gorgeous luxury. The lip makeup is made of retro bright red, and the contrast between purple and red is the main point of this makeup.


Natalie Portman

Metal rock micro smoked eye makeup:

Natalie Portman's make-up has always given us a decent feel, and this time the makeup has changed a little. In order to cater to the party theme of Christmas, the elements of metal rock have been added to the eye makeup part, and the smoky eyeshadow with glitter is used to create a micro-smoked makeup. The smoky makeup is not exaggerated to outline the eyes. Deep outlines make you a fascinating focus in the party.


Katy Perry

Eye makeup enhancement:

Mentioning KatyPerry, in our impression, she is a girl who is very good at using color, and the bold colors in her makeup always look good in her hands. But this party makeup her focus is on the eye makeup, especially the long eyelashes create a big eye makeup, and the Christmas party atmosphere is also very blended, exaggerated but not artificial, and the overall makeup The main color - coral color is also very elegant and generous, reflecting the unique charm of women.



Golden luxury eye makeup:

The beauty of the Latin beauty Shakira has always been based on the natural sense. In the party season, adding some golden luxury eyeshadow to the eye makeup, it is in line with the lively atmosphere of Christmas. Another aspect of this party makeup that needs attention is lip makeup. Winter is a season that is easy to dry. It is necessary to choose a lipstick with high water content and strong moisture.

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