The furniture market ultimately values ​​brands and innovations.

Large-scale properties adopt this model, and their positioning is very sensitive and very bright. Because at this time, whether it is the expansion of the dealer or the expansion of the factory direct, they are very cautious. Proposing such a selling point, first of all, gained the approval of the public. In the entire business process, the popularity of the mall will be better for the overall operation. I want to be a good person first, and I want to get people first. To achieve self, you must first achieve others. When you make others successful, you will naturally achieve something. And will get even greater achievements. Therefore, the key to the success of channel innovation is to be the ancestors and me.

Brand building: must be with love, the method is right

First, brand building is not just advertising, advertising still stays at the most basic level of brand recognition.

Advertising can make more people know you, but we speak the four songs: knowing you, knowing you, falling in love with you, can take you home. This is the process of two people dragging and dropping, and it is also the highest level of marketing. Advertising can only make people know you, and advertising can't let people know you. Let people know about you and interact. Not only let him know you, but also fall in love with you. How to make him fall in love with you, there is a way called "sneak into the night with the wind, moist and quiet." Let your things enter his mind and enter his brain before he comes into contact.

In the past six years, our company has achieved a compound annual growth rate of 60%. In this market environment, our compound growth rate still reached 30% in April and May. The industry reached this level in April and May this year. There is not much growth. There are some different approaches to our brand development.

In order to welcome Children's Day, this year, on the eve of June 1st, I invited the national distributors to make a charity sale in the municipal square of Foshan. The amount of the charity sale was donated to the affiliated organizations of the Foshan Communist Youth League, which was transferred to charity. We told dealers across the country that now is not the only way to sell products, the era of selling products has passed, to sell love. If you are dealing with children's products, dealing with children, dealers, bosses, and no love is not good. To do things with love, the cause will last forever, and it will take a long time.

Second, everyone says that the brand is good. In actual operation, the method of the enterprise is not necessarily right, there is no right or wrong, but the method is effective. The essence of the brand is that others feel reassured with your things, feel respected, feel that it is an honor, a kind of enjoyment, a kind of happiness, not a burden, not a cost, not simply a price. This is a driver of the brand's core. How to achieve this kind of driving of the brand?

We used to think that price is the first driving factor of commodities and was questioned. Do consumers like to buy cheaper? Not necessarily. The key is what you feel about him. Among the six major transaction factors, the first one is the preferential nature of the goods, but one of the six major transaction rules is the uniqueness of the opportunity and the honor of the product. When everyone buys a product, the core driver is different. It is necessary to study the essence of nature. The essence of human nature cannot be measured by price alone.

Talent Management: Building a Talent Chain System

Now whether it is the dealer or the mall of the terminal or the company we do, the talent is the most important. Talent management must have a set of talent softening system and talent replication system as well as talent cultivation system and incentive system.

In the past, technology was productivity, and today we are talking about talent as productivity. So how big is the productivity of talent?

In the first case, the effective memory and effective application of a person to a thing is 21 days. In the second case, after the training came back, the powerful people learned very well. After two years, he is still not yours? The third is that when listening to the training, I am very excited. I am very touched when I think about it. I don’t move home when I go home.

So is there a way to make the excitement period of the trainers not 21 days but 21×2, 21×3, 21×4, 21×N days? Is there a way for talents to grow up and rely on your business to catch up? Is there a way to make the talents highly excited after training, enter the state of passion, and will move soon? It should be there. It is the talent chain system in the “secondary chain · business system”. The talent chain system believes that talents can be effectively replicated and effectively motivated.

First, talent can be copied. A shop has invited a store manager. This store manager is going to train a shopping guide. Is he really willing? not necessarily. The component he is willing to do is that he can get the commission for all the results of this shopping guide. The ingredient he does not want is that he will keep one hand. The key customer must come to find him, he has the final say. Otherwise, he will think, the boss will give me a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan to be the manager, give you 1500 to be a clerk, if I teach this to you, the next time the boss will give you 2500 as the manager, I am 3000 Don't do it. The essence of human nature is here, to avoid disadvantages.

So we must have a system that makes this store manager very happy to train this clerk, and the training ground is better than him. Let him know everything about this clerk. This is the duplication of talent in the talent chain system.

Second, everyone's potential is unlimited, the key is how to stimulate the inner potential. In the process of life's growth, our potential value self-awareness and potential stimulation are the most important. Everyone can stimulate this potential and have everything possible, as long as they have a positive and sufficient self-awareness.

It is not easy to train and train a person. There must be a set of things that make a person happy to give and be willing to inherit. This is the spiritual education we are talking about.

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